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LAT on the Gretna bridge incident

Let me summarize "After Blocking the Bridge, Gretna Circles the Wagons":
Gretna passed a resolution supporting the decision to block the bridge...
Gretna is 2/3 white, blue-collar, and has had an occasionally troubled relationship with NO...
They helped bus 5000 NOers out, but then the strain got too much...

... After someone set the local mall on fire Aug. 31, Gretna Police Chief Arthur S. Lawson Jr. proposed the blockade...
Gretna is not the only community that views New Orleans with distrust. Authorities in St. Bernard Parish, to the east, stacked cars to seal roads from the Crescent City. But Gretna's decision has become the symbol of the ultimate act of a bad neighbor, gaining notoriety partly from an account in the Socialist Worker newspaper by two San Francisco emergency workers and labor leaders who were in a crowd turned back by Gretna police.

The fact that Gretna's decision might not be mostly based on race seems to elude the Times' crack reporter, as he finds that some Gretnaians are afraid of NO...
Then, the LAT has a little new information:

Like New Orleans, Gretna lost power and water. Town officials pleaded unsuccessfully for help from the state and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Then they learned that New Orleans officials had told the thousands trapped in that city's downtown, similarly deprived of food and water but also dodging gunfights and rising floodwaters, to cross to Gretna.

This happened a few days before "the incident". Gretna organized buses on Aug. 31 to take evacuees to a food distro center in Metairie. But, people clogged up at the bridge, and things started to spiral out of control.
There were looters and a fire at the mall, and the sheriff decided that was it.

"I said: 'There will be bloodshed on the west bank if this continues,' " Harris recalled. " 'This is not Gretna. I am not going to give up our community!' "
The following morning, Gretna's police chief made his decision: Seal the bridge.

Regarding the gunshots:

Chief Lawson said that he was unaware of any of his officers shooting over the heads of evacuees on the bridge but said that one black officer did fire a shot overhead to quiet an unruly crowd waiting to board a bus.

Overall, I'm going to give the LAT a higher score on this than the NYT, which simply regurgitated the socialist's original screed.