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Many refugees have arrest records

The AP has an article that CNN has titled "Auhorities search for criminals among hurricane refugees" and Fox has titled "Half Katrina Refugees Have Records". The article's the same, and the truth is somewhere between the two headlines.
Not half of all refugees have such records, just around half of those making up the refugee groups that the AP mentions. And, of course, the CNN headline is too PC to point out that many in those groups have such records.
The Communist-founded ACLU offers the following response to the news that authorities are running police checks on refugees:

"I think it's happening partly because who these people are and where they came from," said Steve Brown, executive director of the Rhode Island ACLU. "The mere fact that people have past criminal records in and of itself doesn't say anything about harm to the community."

Yes, except some of them have outstanding warrants, and some of those records were for violent felonies. Let's send all those people to stay at the houses of ACLU members.