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Bishop: unlimited disaster aid to illegal aliens

From this:

Bishop Gerald Barnes, leader of the Diocese of San Bernardino, is urging federal legislators to extend disaster aid to illegal immigrants uprooted by Hurricane Katrina, and not to deport undocumented immigrants who fled the storm-ravaged Gulf Coast.

Sounds great! Oh, wait, I misread that. I thought he said the Catholic Church was going to completely pay for that aid and pay for all the impact that this policy would have, including inviting millions more illegal aliens to come her. My bad.
Meanwhile, back in American common sense land:

"If somebody is on a roof and the water is rising, we are morally obliged to rescue that person. We are not going to ask them for their green card," said [Mark Krikorian, with the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, D.C.], whose group backs tighter immigration laws. "When it comes to helping people resettle, to find new jobs, we are morally obliged not to give that kind of assistance to illegal aliens."

Perhaps the Bishop would like to encourage Vicente Fox to take care of his own citizens, rather than pawning his internal problems off on our country.