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"Katrina Turns the Poor Into the Destitute"

The AP discovers poverty:

Before Hurricane Katrina, they were among the poorest of America's poor. In the hardest hit counties, some 305,000 people not only lived in poverty, their families' income fell below 50 percent of the poverty line about $7,500 for a family of three. Now, many live in strange towns with only a few dollars in their pockets.
They've become a new class of poor, one that makes the old class look well off by comparison. They have not only lost their jobs and their homes; they're also isolated from family and friends, putting them at great risk for depression and substance abuse...
"Bunching poor people together in the same neighborhood has enormous implications for education, business investment and the health of families," [Bruce Katz, a scholar at the Brookings Institution] said. "The issue in New Orleans is not only about rebuilding a great American city, but it's also about undoing 50 years of mistakes of federal housing policy."