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Gregory Rodriguez supports illegal aliens rebuilding New Orleans

Gregory Rodriguez - a contributing editor to the Los Angeles Times - offers "La Nueva Orleans". He discusses how illegal aliens from Mexico will help rebuild New Orleans and then will settle there, displacing the original population of blacks and whites. Obviously, if we were talking about whites displacing blacks and Hispanics that would be considered racist, but - in the "liberal" worldview - it's not racist to encourage Hispanics to displace black and white Americans.
He covers the points previously discussed here in "Word is out, illegals coming for rebuilding jobs", "Give Illegal Aliens' Jobs to Unemployed Katrina Victims", and "Will illegal aliens take rebuilding jobs?"
Obviously, no American should support this, but clearly some people - including president Bush and Sen Harry Reid - do support it. Rather, we should do whatever is necessary to encourage and allow American workers to rebuild an American city. Unfortunately, some people are conflicted due to racial reasons or because they're corrupt.
He ends with this:
Last week, the White House said it will push its plan to allow illegal immigrants already in the U.S. to become legal guest workers. Good. Hurricane Katrina exposed the nation's black-white divide. Post-Katrina reconstruction will soon spotlight the hypocrisy of refusing to grant legal status to those who will rebuild the Gulf Coast and New Orleans.