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Mortician contradicts reports downplaying crime

The article "Mortician surprised by New Orleans dead" describes a two-week stint a Nebraska mortician spent in St. Gabriel, LA helping move bodies and do autopsies.
He put in 13-hour days and described the hectic work environment, including this:

After watching the steady stream of corpses, Roper's biggest surprise about the dead: almost all were elderly or homeless [or institutionalized]...
...Most of the dead had drowned, Roper said. Others had died of dehydration, probably caused by abandonment, he said.
He was surprised by the number of homicides - people with gunshot wounds to their heads and backs...

Isn't that odd. The earlier post "Superdome, Convention Center death toll exaggerated" has Orleans Parish District Attorney Eddie Jordan saying there were only four confirmed homicides in all of New Orleans since the storm. I'm tending to trust the mortician's account.
UPDATE: See Part 2.