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NOAA makes lemonade out of lemons

From "At NOAA, Making the Best of a Disaster to Build a Brand":

...when Hurricane Katrina roared across Gulf Coast states, the [National Weather Service] headquarters brass sent out word to make sure only the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration logo appeared on hurricane tracking maps, which draw hundreds of thousands of Internet hits.
" Scott Rayder [NOAA's chief of staff] has indicated that we should not have the NWS logo on the Hurricane Center's tracking map and asked that it be removed," an Aug. 31 e-mail said. "Could you please work with the appropriate people to make sure this happens quickly and let me know when it has so that I can let Scott know."
Weather Service officials replied that they had more important matters to deal with, such as trying to help colleagues in New Orleans who had lost their homes and coping with equipment loss and communication outages in the Gulf region...