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Jesse Jackson leading jobs caravan to New Orleans

The Right Reverend is finally doing something positive for once, but I'm sure his latest plan has some serious downsides and perhaps even outright racism.
Nonetheless, he's leading a jobs caravan of a sort:

The Rev. Jesse Jackson said Wednesday his Chicago-based Rainbow-PUSH Coalition has formed a commission in New Orleans to help Hurricane Katrina survivors return home and find work.
Jackson met with political, religious and community leaders in New Orleans Tuesday. He said the new commission will help returning New Orleans residents get jobs, training and contracts.
The commission plans to form a caravan to leave Chicago on Sunday. It will head to cities like St. Louis, Memphis, Tenn., and Jackson, Miss. to pick up evacuees and workers who want jobs cleaning up and rebuilding on the Gulf Coast.
Jackson said those who join the caravan will be placed in temporary housing in New Orleans.