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AP: Bush visits, eats high on hog, sleeps well

Do you think there could be the slightest bit of bias in the AP report "Bush dines, stays in French Quarter"?

President Bush got a taste of some of New Orleans' finest Monday, dining in the French Quarter and staying at a luxury hotel to showcase progress in the hurricane-battered city even as much of it remains in ruins.

He met with Nagin, and:

Upon arrival, Bush also met with political leaders and law enforcement officials from Plaquemines Parish, a major seafood producer and home for oil refinineries southeast of New Orleans that took a double hit from Katrina and then Hurricane Rita a month later.

I know what it means to have your hand out, but I'm not sure what this means:

"The American people have their arms out," Bush told the officials, according to White House deputy press secretary Trent Duffy.
The two-day trip -- Bush's eighth to the storm zone and fifth to New Orleans since Katrina struck on August 29 -- marked the president's public return to the hurricane recovery.
It was nearly two weeks ago, during a September 27 visit to towns in Louisiana and Texas slammed by Rita, that he last held an event devoted to the storms.


The president's trip continues Tuesday, when Bush is pitching in at a site in Covington, Louisiana, just north of New Orleans, where the nonprofit Habitat for Humanity is building new homes for storm victims.
That stop allows the president to focus on an issue he said last week was a less-than-stellar piece of the federal government's continuing response to Katrina -- temporary housing for the hundreds of thousands of homeless.
Bush has said everyone being housed in shelters should be in apartments, trailers or, in some cases, hotels by mid-October as they look for permanent housing.

Before the visit, "New Orleans mayor seeks Bush's help" had a bit more:

"I'm going to talk to him about what it's going to take to keep this city going over the next three months and ask him to support us in the short term," Nagin told reporters after meeting with his 17-member "Bring Back New Orleans" commission at the city's Sheraton Hotel...
Bush will be joined at dinner by members of Nagin's commission. During a nearly four-hour meeting on Monday, the commission discussed efforts to help residents return to New Orleans and received updates on everything from garbage removal to electricity and the water supply.