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Criminal sheriff to Nagin: pay my bill!

Marlin Gusman, Criminal Sheriff for Orleans Parish wants to hold the City of New Orleans in contempt for refusing to pay his bills.
Nagin: "At a time when we are working diligently to rebuild New Orleans, I find this action incredibly insensitive and mean-spirited... We just had a round of painful layoffs. If this motion is successful, it could force further layoffs of our police officers and other City workers... To be held in contempt, there must be a showing of willful disobedience or willful disregard of a court order. I cannot imagine how anyone acting in good faith and good conscience could make that allegation against the City for its failure to pay. We have lost all revenue sources for operating expenses and are currently out of cash... This is the time for all officials to work together. I urge the Sheriff to drop this counterproductive lawsuit and join us to lobby both the state and federal government for the financial resources we desperately need to bring New Orleans back."
As it says at the link, Nagin opposed Gusman in the election for Criminal Sheriff, favoring Warren Riley who's now the police chief.