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"Louisiana politics colorful, extremely corrupt"

From a LSU student columnist:

Throughout Louisiana's modern history, corruption has flourished in state and local government. Some leaders have even celebrated our reputation saying it colors our politics. We may be corrupt, but we're not boring.
Perhaps no one better fit this persona than our four-time elected governor, now jailbird, Edwin Edwards. For years, he survived dozens of corruption investigations and indictments. His last gubernatorial campaign even embraced his less -than-tidy image producing bumper stickers that read "Elect the Crook, It's Important."
...The past two gubernatorial administrations have publicly proclaimed their desire to clean up Louisiana's image, but it is evident that widespread corruption, cronyism and overall dishonesty in office are still the reality in Louisiana...
Shamefully, our two senators used Katrina as an opportunity to treat the federal government as Santa Claus. The $250 billion wish list submitted by Sens. Mary Landrieu and David Vitter was chopped full of pork-barrel projects completely unrelated to Louisiana's recovery needs. Not surprisingly, the national media and congressional leaders blasted the request and are now skeptical of any request from Louisiana's leaders...
...We can only hope that Louisiana voters will finally realize that corruption may add "color" to our politics, but in the end it makes us the folly of the nation.