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National Guard colonel: no murders in Superdome

Shades of Major Ed Bush! Another NG official has stepped forward to reassure us that the reports of widespread murder, rape, and other violence at the Superdome were just plain wrong:

...The colonel in charge of the National Guard at the Louisiana Superdome in the days after Katrina said the shelter of last resort was a miserable place to be but that the behavior of the residents was misrepresented.
Colonel Thomas Beron said there were no murders and that the people were receiving food and water.
"There were no homicides," he stressed. "There were six fatalities. I'll tell you, I helped load every single body onto the FEMA trucks after the superdome was cleared."
Beron told members of the New Orleans City Council that he wants to set the record straight. He says there were some deaths in the dome, but they resulted from natural causes, an apparent suicide and a drug overdose.
Beron also said that most of the 35,000 evacuees were orderly, and though it wasn't gourmet, they weren't starving.
"The facts were we were fed twice a day, an MRE and a bottle of water, and after Wednesday, when we got more water, an MRE and two bottles of water in the morning and in the evening..."

As for me, I'm still quite a bit skeptical. Feeding that skepticism is the fact that everyone involved would like things to be as he describes, yet there were many early reports from different people appearing in different sources, and it doesn't seem possible that all of those could be so wrong...