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Lefties cry about illegal aliens getting ripped off, while supporting it happening

I don't call them DUmmies for nothing. This thread discusses the issue covered in "AP discovers scandal: illegal aliens getting ripped off".
The title is "CNN/AP: Immigrant (Hispanic) workers stiffed for Katrina work (very sad)", and it includes this histrionic comment:

The consequences of voting for Bush and his conservatives. You church goers, who voted for Bush because he claims to be a "born-again" Christian, who has personal conversations with God...see the results of your votes? Can you imagine the Jesus you claim to be the Savior of mankind, condoning using illegals to do backbreaking, dangerous work, risking their health by exposure to all kinds of toxic substances, while the cronies of your "Godly President" stuff their pockets, and deny these people the already shamefully low pay they promised?
...You greedy conservatives, who demand tax cuts like those dying of thirst demand a sip of water, you have no qualms at having billions of tax dollars funneled back into the same corrupt pockets, but when it comes to helping, by a few pitiful pennies, the ones who lost everything due to Katrina, you will squeal like hogs about to be slaughtered...

It goes on. The problem, of course, is that "liberals" are every bit as responsible for what's happening as "conservatives" like president Bush.
The only solution to this problem - the only way to make sure nothing like this happens - is to stop illegal immigration. And, "liberals"/Democrats are on the wrong side of this issue. No Democratic politician is opposed to it, and many are strong supporters.
It is literally impossible to both have illegal immigration and avoid the situation described in the AP article. If the "liberals"/Democrats want to prevent things like this, they're going to have to start acting like grown-ups.
Here's an example of them wanting to bash the GOP while cuddling poor undocumented immigrants at the same time. Check out the replies to "GOP mulls end of birthright citizenship".