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PBS's NOW fully supports illegal aliens taking rebuilding jobs from American workers

[In response to a segment from PBS's NOW program (the one formerly featuring far-leftie Bill Moyers) I posted the following in the PBS forums here. Feel free to comment either in this post or over there.]
The 11/18/05 segment about illegal aliens doing rebuilding jobs described the horrible living and working conditions of those illegal laborers.
Perhaps we could put our heads together and try to end this. How could we do that?
Maybe we could confer some sort of legal status on all those illegal aliens, even make them in to citizens. Even including those who've only been here for a few months.
Of course, then those same corrupt companies that were abusing the (old) illegal aliens will just find a new crop of illegal aliens to come in and take their place.
Then, we can give citizenship to those (new) illegal aliens. Gosh, this could keep repeating itself over and over and over again, couldn't it?
Of course, the alternative would be to oppose illegal immigration. Wouldn't that be the best, most grown-up solution of all?
That way, if a citizen or legal worker gets put in the same position as those illegal workers, they can sue or avail themselves of other remedies.
And, that way newly-arrived illegal aliens won't take jobs from American hurricane victims. Isn't that the best, most American solution of all?
And, isn't that the opposite of the solution that NOW presented?
Perhaps NOW should sit down and think this whole subject through a bit more.
Of course, many will no doubt (mostly reflexively) disagree. I invite them to provide their detailed plans below, and I'll endeavor to answer any question they might have.