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Community activists charge racism before Congress, but...

Five black New Orleans evacuees testified before Congress, and four of them said the underlying reason why the rescue wasn't as good as would have been expected was racism. Their testimony has received minutes on the nightly news shows, which took their testimony at face value.
However, note that one, a former federal worker, didn't blame racism. And, consider this:

...Leah Hodges, a community activist, recalled trying to help a group of stranded senior citizens. The military took them to an evacuation point on a highway where they spent the night, awakening to a "bunch of hard red necks scowling and growling at us in military uniforms ... pointing guns at us and treating us worse than prisoners of war," she said.

Now, not all community activists are bad, but then again most people who adopt that moniker tend to be a bit left and some of them hold rather unconventional opinions. And, when complaining about racism and expecting to be taken seriously, one might want to avoid using racial slurs.

Hodges described waiting in the burning sun in conditions she likened to a concentration camp. Rep. Jeff Miller, a Florida Republican, asked her to stop making that comparison.
"I'm going to call it what it is. If I put a dress on a pig, a pig is still a pig," she responded heatedly.
Miller countered, "Not a single person was marched into a gas chamber and killed."

And, another one of those who testified, Dyan French ("Mama D"), claims the levees were dynamited.