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St. Bernard Parish: people living in cars, barns, tents

St. Bernard Parish president, Henry "Junior" Rodriguez, says they need 12,000 trailers, but only a small percentage of that amount have been set up:

...1,400 trailers are sitting unused in St. Bernard Parish. The parish ordered them from a private contractor days after the hurricane hit on August 29, but the Federal Emergency Management Agency has not agreed to pay for them.
There are also more than 5,000 FEMA mobile homes in Arkansas sitting unused, CNN has learned.
FEMA responded Tuesday, telling CNN it is ready to deliver 125,000 trailers to the area but that parish officials "still have to identify places to put them."

From the pull-up-your-socks file, Rodriguez says:

"We got a serious situation in St. Bernard Parish... We got people living in tents and automobiles. We got people living in barns. We got people living in their houses -- in tents... This is the beginning of winter. This is unacceptable."

It's certainly unacceptable from the standpoint that those residents have paid for such federal assistance through taxation. However, perhaps it would be best for all concerned if they considered how this would have been handled a hundred years ago: residents would have gotten together and helped each other out rather than simply giving up and relying on the federal government.