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DemocracyNow shocked by effects of supporting massive illegal immigration

Earlier today, Amy Goodman's DemocracyNow broadcast "House Debates Bill to Rewrite Immigration Laws, Includes Provision that Makes it a Felony to be an Undocumented Worker". That makes it clear that not only does DN support illegal immigration, but they're unable to keep up with the news: the felony provision had been removed the day before.
Also today, DN broadcast "Workers in New Orleans Denied Pay, Proper Housing and Threatened with Deportation". The only reason those workers were put in that position was because they were either illegal aliens or homeless Americans. Both groups have greatly reduced bargaining power, and only the second group is legally able to work here. And, unlike the homeless, illegal aliens can be deported if they complain about working conditions or being cheated.
A sane, logical person would realize that anyone who supports illegal immigration is automatically supporting the inevitable abuse that those workers endure. And, that sane, logical person would realize that in order to prevent worker abuse, they should also oppose illegal immigration instead of supporting it.
Of course, I said "sane" and "logical".