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Grand Jury to probe New Orleans Police, but...

District Attorney Eddie Jordan has announced that a Louisiana grand jury will investigate the NOPD. Their purview appears to be a bit broad. Among the controversies they'll investigate include:
the theft of the Cadillac cars
the shooting involving the contractors on the bridge

The grand jury also will look at evidence in a case involving a police chief and police officer from the small town of Mermentau who were accused of looting after Katrina. And it will examine allegations of possible malfeasance involving a Port of New Orleans official who dismissed about 60 port security officers who could have helped protect a mall and taken part in rescue efforts.
Jordan said the grand jury will probably also look into the deaths of patients at hospitals during Katrina and investigate whether the levees and floodwalls that broke were improperly built.

Then, they'll break for lunch.
If they were going to look into what might be even more important, I'm sure it would have been listed, but it isn't: phantom police