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Al Ater: Courts may take over election if law unchanged

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There's a danger the federal court will take over New Orleans elections if legislators don't change a law so more people can absentee vote, Secretary of State Al Ater said Thursday.
A federal takeover would be another black eye on the state in the wake of devastating hurricanes, Ater said.
"I could see the headlines across America right now," Ater said. "They'll say it's another thing that Louisiana can't handle on its own."
Under current law, people who register to vote by mail must vote in person at least once before they can cast an absentee ballot.
Ater wants lawmakers to temporarily lift that in-person voting provision, saying to do otherwise would disenfranchise voters who are dislocated through no fault of their own.
Legislators nixed the idea in the first hurricane-special session amid fears of potential voter fraud. Opponents pointed to the thousands of mail registrants who have never voted...