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"Katrina: What went right"

Retired Newsday reporter Lou Dolinar offers this look-on-the-bright-side look at the response to Katrina.
Admittedly strongly influenced by the fact that it was linked to by Insty, I'm putting this article in the "explain away" rather than "explain" column.
For instance, he says that "fewer than 1,000 bodies have been found in all of Louisiana".
The passive construction of that phrase is certainly interesting. They're still finding bodies, there are a large number of people missing for whatever reason, and no one is reporting on the large number of gunshot victims that a mortician who worked at St. Gabriel claimed to have seen. In fact, we're told that there were only seven gunshot victims in total.
Then, it says, "local communication was wiped out by the storm". Why is that? What was the status of federal communication systems? Did the feds have the proper comm equipment? I don't think so:
Art Bell: Hams weren't invited to help with hurricane
National Guard says obsolete equipment hurt relief effort
Legislators support first responders communication equipment