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Al Gore: Katrina just first taste of global warming

Speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative, former VP Al Gore called Katrina the first taste of the "bitter cup" of global warming. The "bitter cup" part is from Churchill. Report on this speech here.
There's a transcript of the speech Gore gave to the Sierra Club at this page.
That's probably the same speech; in that he compares Bush with Neville Chamberlain, instead of the more moveon-y comparison other "liberals" are fond of.


Al Gore attends Sierra Club Summit, drives off in Cadillac Escalade

This isn't directly hurricane related, but since we did report that Al Gore eschewed a canceled conference to attend the Sierra Club Summit in San Francisco, I guess this needs to be reported.
An undercover reporter from FreeRepublic is now free to disclose that after speaking at the Summit, Al Gore got into a Cadillac Escalade and was driven off.
The 2006 Escalade is (more or less) an impressive beast, costing well over $50,000. The AWD version is a 6L V8 with 345 horsies under the hood and weighing in at almost two tons.
It only gets 13 MPG city and 17 highway, but, for all we know, Al could have been driving in their new wind-powered model.
(Arianna Huffington was also at the Summit, and she drove off in a more modest Chevy Suburban. Good for her!)

Al Gore saves people. Then, blasts Bush.

OK, let's start with the part where Big Wooden Al does good first. On Sep. 1 former VP Al Gore chartered two flights that evacuated patients out of Charity Hospital in New Orleans. In all, 270 people were rescued. Al paid for half, and the founder of California Pizza Kitchens paid the other half. The total bill was $100,000. Perhaps even more importantly, Al used his connections (and not with Chinese monks) to get landing rights and such. A much longer version is here.
Now, here's where it gets more Al-like.
Remember how he spoke about global warming on the coldest day in NYC history or some such?
Well, Al was scheduled to speak last weekend before state insurance commissioners. In New Orleans. About global warming.
Thankfully, that conference was cancelled so, having nothing better to do, Al decided to speak to the Sierra Club. Break out your robotic-but-impassioned Tennessee minister voice and testify along with Al:

"When the corpses of American citizens are floating in toxic flood waters five days after a hurricane struck, it is time not only to respond directly to the victims of the catastrophe, but to hold ... the leaders of our nation accountable... The warnings about global warming have been extremely clear for a long time. We are facing a global climate crisis, it is deepening. We are entering a period of consequences... What happened was not only knowable, it was known in advance, in great and painstaking detail. They did tabletop planning exercises. They identified exactly what the scientific evidence showed would take place..."

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