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10/5: Bubba visits, feels peoples' pain

On October 5, former president Bill Clinton visited Louisiana on a fact-finding tour and made these points among others:
- give rebuilding jobs to those affected, not out-of-state firms: For long-term work, Clinton said it's important to "hire people from Louisiana even if they have to be retrained."
- repeal the suspension of Davis-Bacon
- "We need to do something to try to recover the wetlands... We have let a lot of those wetlands go."
Previously: Bubba blasts Bush over Katrina, poverty, lack of omnipotence…

Bubba blasts Bush over Katrina, poverty, lack of omnipotence...

Bill Clinton has criticized Our Leader Bush for his response to Katrina on Sunday's "This Week". Your job is to determine why. Is this an attempt to help heal the Bush administration, with perhaps another Bush appearance in which he'll shovel out even more money? Surely, Clinton wouldn't turn on his new best friends in the Bush Family, so something else must be up.
Thus spake Bubba, per AFP:

"If we really wanted to do it right, we would have had lots of buses lined up to take them out"...
He agreed that some responsibility for this lay with the local and state authorities, but pointed the finger, without naming him, at the former director of [FEMA]...

"We"? As in Nagin and Blanco?
Oddly enough, the NYT omits the bus part:

"It's like when they issued the evacuation order... That affects poor people differently. A lot of them in New Orleans didn't have cars. A lot of them who had cars had kinfolk they had to take care of. They didn't have cars, so they couldn't take them out."
"This is a matter of public policy... And whether it's race-based or not, if you give your tax cuts to the rich and hope everything works out all right, and poverty goes up and it disproportionately affects black and brown people, that's a consequence of the action made. That's what they did in the 80's; that's what they've done in this decade. In the middle, we had a different policy."

Evacuation would seem to be a local issue, no? Perhaps Clinton should have been asked about the welfare mindset and whether that played a part in people staying in place. Note also that some people never heard about the evacuation order. Once again, Bush can't be in all places at all times.

While not using the name of Michael D. Brown, the FEMA director who resigned last Monday after criticism of his performance in the Katrina disaster, Mr. Clinton praised the performance of his FEMA director, James Lee Witt, and said Mr. Witt had been especially sensitive to the needs of low-income people because "both of us came out of environments with a disproportionate number of poor people."

Clinton took day longer to go to OKC than Bush to NO

"Clinton's Disaster Response Took Longer Than Bush's" informs us:

Critics say President Bush's personal response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster was too little, too late - with an Air Force One flyover the day after New Orleans' levees broke and a trip to Baton Rouge two days later.
President Clinton, other the other hand, got glowing reviews for responding to his administration's biggest disaster, the Oklahoma City bombing - even though he took a day longer to arrive on the scene than Bush did last week...

Clinton didn't go to OKC for four days.
Now, playing liberals' advocate here, it should be pointed out that Bush made landfall on the Friday after the storm. But, NewsMax is counting from when the levees broke. They, perhaps incorrectly, say that was a Tuesday. If they broke on Monday, then Clinton and Bush would be tied. Woo hoo!

...The double standard becomes even more obvious when reaction to Katrina is compared with what remains the worst law enforcement debacle in U.S. history - the Clinton administration's decision to rout the Branch Davidians from their encampment at Waco.
More children were killed in that April 19, 1993 assault than died in Oklahoma City. Yet the Clinton administration received little if any blame - and no one was forced to resign.
In fact, after then-Attorney General Janet Reno publicly accepted responsibility, she was hailed as a hero by sympathetic reporters, an irony that's likely not lost on Bush's allegedly "disgraced" ex-FEMA Director Michael Brown.

Clinton, FEMA, and the Chicago Heat Wave

Remember 1995's Chicago Heat Wave? As discussed here, that didn't receive federal attention. At the time, Bill Clinton was president and James Lee Witt (bio) was head of FEMA. More on the latter in subsequent posts. For a preview, see this thread.

"The Mayor Who Failed His City"

FPM has a link-rich rundown of the left's attempts to politicize the disaster:

IT'S OFFICIAL: THE AMERICAN LEFT NOW BELIEVES GEORGE W. BUSH IS GOD. Bellowing leftists such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cindy Sheehan have blamed Hurricane Katrina - something insurance companies classify as an act of God - on President Bush's "killing policies" (and, in RFK Jr.'s case, those of Mississippi's Republican governor, Haley Barbour). Former Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal also penned an article in The Guardian chalking up the flood to the Bush administration's having cut one item in the Army Corps of Engineers' annual budget. (Desperate to build a presidential legacy, even ex post facto, ex-President Bill Clinton has intimated his administration did more to keep New Orleans safe than Bush's.) Meanwhile, DNC Chair Howard Dean weighed in by demeaning Bush's trip to the disaster area, calling it "just another callous political move crafted by Karl Rove."

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