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Michael Martinez, the Chicago Tribune, and illegal aliens taking rebuilding jobs

Michael Martinez of the Chicago Tribune reports on the scandal in New Orleans where illegal aliens are taking jobs from American hurricane victims.
The article is called "Big Easy uneasy about migrant wave" and, as you might expect, the only scandal they report on is that illegal aliens might be having trouble taking those jobs.
The article doesn't attempt to hide that these workers came here illegally and from Mexico.
And, we're told that this is "straining ethnic tolerance". Perhaps the Hispanic reporter is a bit confused. If there's "intolerance", perhaps it's because those illegal aliens are taking jobs that should be done by Americans. And, they're undercutting those wages that Americans could and should be earning:

[An illegal alien] expressed astonishment when told of Mayor Nagin's remarks ["How do I make sure New Orleans is not overrun with Mexican workers?"].
"It's bad for him to say that because we're here to work and help put the city back together," Salas said as he took a break from asking contractors for work. "There's a lot of work here, but the Americans and the blacks are asking for a lot of money to work."

So, faced with a statement that illegal aliens are undercutting American workers, what does the reporter do? Absolutely nothing.
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