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Shays: Blanco, Nagin did a "pathetic job" preparing populace

Yesterday, Christopher Shays (R-CT) bashed Michael Brown. Now:

[He says] that while Brown made mistakes, so did others. "He can't be the scapegoat. First responders are local and state, and the governor and mayor did a pathetic job of preparing their people for this horrific storm," Shays said on NBC's "Today" show

Will he discuss Chertoff's and Bush's roles as well? Let's find out.

Should the Bush administration probe itself?

Rep. Christopher Shays (R-CT) says no thanks:

"Anyone who has basically had responsibilities to respond to this should not be the folks looking at it, in my judgment... I don't think [Homeland Security Adviser Frances Townsend] can be objective because, frankly, I would want to know what was she doing in that time, before the storm, during the storm, after the storm. She is going to be one of the people that, in a sense, is being investigated. So I'm not sure that she's the logical choice."

For instance, see "Frances Townsend took call from Blanco". Her other activities related to the storm are not known, but perhaps her investigation will tell us more.
Rebecca Kirszner, communications director for Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid of Nevada says:

"There is a huge conflict of interest here... As the President's homeland security adviser, Townsend certainly was part of the Administration's response to Katrina."

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