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Communists respond to Katrina

No, not those Commies, the ones in mainland China. From the People's Daily editorial "New Orleans, another facet of American civilization":

On the fourth day after the hurricane, reports came out about looting, gunfire, rape and baby stealing. The whole city was plunged into archery [sic], without electricity, drinking water or food, and some places even saw expositions [sic]. Rescuers were attacked by a sniper when pulling out patients from a hospital; bodies lay about on the street and gangsters, axe and steel tube in hand, took away all medicines of a hospital.
[...Bush sent in NG...] America seems fighting a city war at home. New Orleans has become Baghdad.
[...NG had "shoot-to-kill orders"...]
[Unlike the tsunami,] now this happed in the United States, showing people another side of this "civilized country"...
In fact, it revealed fragility of the American society, as well as despair and disorder in a state of anarchy. Katrina swept away not only people's homes, but their dignity. Just as German weekly Der Spiegel pointed out, the scene of carnage in hurricane-affected areas, which can only been seen in some backward African countries in the past, disgraced the United States before the entire world.
[...Dem talking points about funding...]
In the face of the hurricane, Americans accepted the challenge but failed to beat it off. This is really a shame on the United States.

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