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"Bush Team Conspired Against Blacks, Activists Charge"

This informs us that Dick Gregory has gone off the deep end:

"It (Hurricane Katrina) didn't hit, it went down the Gulf," Gregory said. "And nobody is asking, if it missed, where's this damn water coming from? Who shut them pumps off and who's going to investigate those two barges with dynamite on them that hit that levee," he said in reference to the failure of the city's levees and water pumps, which were intended to protect the city from flooding.
Gregory said the government has no plans to let residents back into New Orleans or to rebuild the city. "They will have no problem declaring that whole city a disaster area because of the mold," he said.
"Last Friday he (U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert) said there's no need to rebuild it, plow it under," Gregory said, exaggerating the comments Hastert made immediately after the city was flooded. "Well that's what they're planning on doing," Gregory added.
If his accusations are correct, Gregory told Cybercast News Service, it will create a backlash beyond just the black community. "If they found oil under there and they're going to turn it into an oil well," Gregory said, "that's black and white folks."

Other organizations offering their opinions include the National Black Environmental Justice Network and the Black Voices for Peace. Needless to say, Nagin did all he could, but Bush, Blanco, the federal government, and the Army Corps of Engineers are the main culprits.

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