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Douglas Brinkley opposes Ray Nagin?

Douglas Brinkley is a historian who's writing a book on Katrina. He also accompanied Sean Penn on his boat trip.
He appeared on O'Reilly's show yesterday. While I didn't see it:

OR has got some guy on there (the guy who wrote kerry's bio) and he is reaming Nagin a new one. He won't a federal investigation of Nagin NOW. He doesn't want any money to go to him. Says that Nagin wants to be the quarterback of rebuilding NO with all that federal money. He says the feds need to pull the quarterback before any rebuilding. Says the police dept. is in shambles and someone (historian) needs to go back and find out exactly what happened before Katrina hit. Why wasn't Nagin holding press conferences? Or why wasn't he evacuating people, where was the food and water at the astrodome? Where were the police? He was ticked off and wants a federal investigation.

A journey into Sean Penn's world

Alleged journalist Matt Taibbi offers "Apocalypse There", all about the rescue trip that he, Sean Penn, and author Douglas Brinkley undertook to New Orleans. I'm sure there's a lot of interesting stuff in there, and I'm sure someone else has read it.

Bush, meet FDR, LBJ. LBJ, meet Bush.

Michael Tackett of the Chicago Tribune offers "Bush speech was part Franklin Roosevelt, part Lyndon Johnson":

Throughout his nationally broadcast address from a shattered New Orleans, it was as though the disaster of Hurricane Katrina had transformed the president from the logical heir to Ronald Reagan to some curious amalgam of Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson.
He offered up a relief program that seemed to draw reconstruction inspiration from the Marshall Plan, the Works Progress Administration and the Tennessee Valley Authority and social policy animated by the Great Society...
..."History is sometimes the moment a bell rings," said Douglas Brinkley, a historian and professor at the University of New Orleans. "He had a historic opportunity to seize this and become a great leader and he bobbled it not just once but four or five times. This is a speech that needed to have been delivered within days of the hurricane."
Tardy perhaps, and freighted with potential problems even within his own Republican Party, the president's recovery plan called for a new alphabet soup of government initiatives (Gulf Opportunity Zones, Worker Recovery Accounts, an Urban Homesteading Act) that sounded like pages taken from the New Deal. Stung by charges that the government might have been slow to respond because of racism, he even emphasized the need for, in effect, minority set-aside programs to be a major part of the rebuilding...

"The Great Deluge": Douglas Brinkley book about Katrina

A book by historian Douglas Brinkley about hurricane Katrina will be released early next year.
Brinkley is a professor at Tulane University in New Orleans, a presidential historian, and a friend of Sean Penn.

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