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More FEMA shakeups

"More FEMA bigs are bailing out" informs us that:
Daniel Craig is leaving. He was recovery division director.
Edward Buikema is returning to Region 5 director in Chicago. He was acting director of the response division.
Patrick Rhode, deputy director, might resign. He wouldn't comment.

Craig told staffers he expects to testify at congressional hearings probing why FEMA's response was so inadequate after Katrina flooded the Gulf Coast.
"A lot of the political [appointees] will disappear," Craig predicted, according to one official...
A former senior FEMA official recalled that Rhode and a group of Republican National Committee operatives were dispatched to Ground Zero by Scott Douglas, ex-deputy chief of staff, after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to polish the Bush administration's image among city lawmakers.
Douglas, who left FEMA last year, returned after Katrina to "volunteer answering phones" for one week. "Today's my last day," Douglas, a former GOP political field director, told the Daily News on Friday.

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