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Sex offender diaspora: 2000 evacuees in 30 states

More than two thousand Katrina evacuees are registered sex offenders. That number is based only a match between the names of offenders and the names of those who applied for disaster assistance. From this:

...[Wade Horn, assistant secretary for children and families at the Department of Health and Human Services] wrote the nation's 50 governors in late November to alert them to the new search they could undertake with FEMA, and the process they were to use.
"I am greatly concerned that known sex offenders who may have relocated to your State may take advantage of their anonymity and harm children once again," Horn wrote in a letter to Gov. Rick Perry of Texas.
The letter indicated that Texas law enforcement officials had already done a cross-check, and that it was the only state at that time which had.
Federal authorities told Texas of 304 known sex offenders who had relocated to the state, of which they know of 14 who have registered and provided contact information to law enforcement, said Jerry Strickland, spokesman for Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott...

It's a double-fallout: from both bad Bush administration policy and bad "liberalism". Someone at FEMA or another agency should have figured this out before and during the diaspora.
And, see "ACLU opposed background checks on evacuees" and "Milwaukee NAACP offended by evacuee background checks".
And, from September: "Many refugees have arrest records".
Perhaps worst of all, see "DHS official opposed background checks on evacuees".

ACLU opposed background checks on evacuees

From 9/24:

The leader of the [South Carolina] chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union says racism was at the heart of assumptions that led to South Carolina to do criminal background checks of Hurricane Katrina evacuees.

From the same state:

"We want to uphold everyone's constitutional rights," State Law Enforcement Division Chief Robert Stewart said. "But if someone is coming into a home with a family, they would probably want to know if that person is on the sex offender registry or is a violent criminal."


...In Massachusetts authorities found a man wanted on a rape charge among the 200 Katrina evacuees who landed at a military base on Cape Cod and took him into custody. Katie Ford, a spokeswoman for the Massachusetts public safety office, said two others left the state while authorities were reviewing whether they needed to register as sex offenders...

And, from the enemy itself:

Expressing "dismay and disappointment" at the state's actions, the ACLU of Rhode Island today called on state officials to stop conducting criminal background checks on all of the Hurricane Katrina evacuees who have relocated to Rhode Island this week. The ACLU called the checks "intrusive, humiliating and discriminatory." Below is a statement issued by RI ACLU executive director Steven Brown:
"The ACLU has learned from news reports that, following the lead of some other states across the country, the State Police have begun conducting criminal background checks on all Hurricane Katrina evacuees who have relocated here. Since the evacuees' arrival, news stories have emphasized how government officials have welcomed them with open arms. In many ways they have. But it is quite troubling to learn that those arms are also placing our guests' fingers on an ink blotter.
"We are sure that the vast majority of the 106 people who have come here are grateful for all the assistance that has been provided them since they landed in Rhode Island, and they are unlikely to object to a background check. Nonetheless, it remains an intrusive, humiliating and discriminatory response that has the effect of treating the evacuees like common criminals. [etc. etc. etc.]

The ACLU also opposed this in Pennsylvania.

DHS official opposed background checks on evacuees

From this:

Gov. Bob Riley's administration has been running criminal background checks on Hurricane Katrina evacuees living in temporary housing in Alabama's 13 state parks, a move opposed by a federal Homeland Security official...
A federal official, Michael Waters, protective security adviser in the Birmingham district of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, had opposed the background checks.
"I recommended that we not attempt to do this at all," he wrote in a Sept. 7 e-mail obtained by the Register.
No background checks were required for Hurricane Ivan evacuees from Baldwin County, Waters said.
He described the background checks as "a potentially explosive issue given the existing race/class issues that have already been raised."
Asked about those concerns, Emerson said that Ivan evacuees were primarily from Alabama, while those fleeing Katrina were from Louisiana and Mississippi.
State Sen. Vivian Davis Figures, D-Mobile, said she was not opposed to weeding out registered sex offenders. But Figures questioned why Riley "saw fit to do a background check on everybody."

What did Amelia Davis say about Ray Nagin?

Amelia Davis, principal of Tri-Cities High School in East Point, GA, was suspended for 10 days for using what the Fulton County school board determined to be "inappropriate and inflammatory" language when speaking about Mayor Ray Nagin. She made the remarks on 9/9 before evacuee students, and she returned to work last week.
So, what did she say?

Davis, principal for seven years, has denied saying anything inappropriate.
But a tribunal of retired school system employees recommended the ten-day suspension. The panel determined Davis had demonstrated what it called "incompetence" and "willful neglect of duties."
School staff, including counselors, testified during the disciplinary hearing that she had used inappropriate language to describe New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and his handling of the hurricane that devastated the city.
The complaint accused Davis of using profanity...

That report, doesn't say what she said, and I couldn't find any additional information. Perhaps she was just speaking some politically incorrect truth? See this other case of a teacher who's suing because he was fired by the district. She complained about him and his wonderful views:

"It appears that the "By Any Means Necessary," promoting the "Black Panthers" views, and sending a message of defiance to our African-American students, Mr. Walker has crossed the line and is interfering with the administration's ability to provide a safe and secure learning environment that's conducive for educating our young people," Davis wrote.
Davis, who is African-American, could not be reached for comment Friday.
In documents obtained by the Journal-Constitution, she said Walker had inappropriately shared his performance evaluation with students, strayed from the curriculum he was hired to teach and used language in the classroom that "would lead one to believe that he is not sensitive to all ethnic subgroups" in his classes.
She noted he had been "angry since January," when she reprimanded him for openly wearing a "very large belt buckle that could easily be mistaken for a 'real' gun." And she criticized him for starting a club for black male students that the administration had not sanctioned.
Students and parents who supported Walker said he connected with students.
"He taught me more than the curriculum," Jashaan Jefferson said last spring. "He taught me life issues."

"Liberalism" comes to Cape Cod

From New Hampshire's Union Leader comes Bringing Bourbon Street to Cape Cod, which discusses the Cape Cod incidents.

...First, people were shocked to discover that huge sections of New Orleans were deeply poor. Now people are shocked to find that some of those same poor people are wasting their government aid. How do they think these people became poor in the first place?

Cape Cod evacuees spending money on strippers, booze

Laissez le bon temps rouler a la Cape!

Hurricane Katrina evacuees hastily handed $2,000 in federal relief money last month have been living it up on Cape Cod, blowing cash on booze and strippers, a Herald investigation has found.
Herald reporters witnessed blatant public drinking at a Falmouth strip mall by Katrina victims living at taxpayer expense at Camp Edwards on Otis Air Force Base. And strippers at Zachary's nightclub in Mashpee, a few miles from the Bourne base, report giving lap dances to several evacuees...

The aftermath of Katrina offered a wonderful opportunity for America to pull together and try to fix some of our underlying problems. That would include making it clear that activity like that above is not acceptable and would not be tolerated.
Unfortunately, "liberals" like Howard Dean and Jesse Jackson decided to do some race-baiting instead. And, our "American" president decided to do some photo-ops and make vague promises about throwing some money around instead. What is the less corrupt, more American response, and how do we encourage our "leaders" to do it?


Nagin has closed-door meeting with evacuees... in different parish

Shreveport's Hirsch Coliseum is operated by the Louisiana State Fair and the Red Cross is using it as a shelter. They gave in to his demand to speak privately to his constituents who are staying there; Caddo Parish deputies kept others out. That lasted for 20 minutes until the media managed to barge their way in to the event:

Nagin's restoration plan hinges on getting displaced New Orleanians to return home. It's also a crucial political issue regarding voting power. The public, which will foot much of the bill for the reconstruction of what was the state's most populous city, needs to know what Nagin is telling his constituents. What promises is he making? What information is he sharing? Public access to these encounters is important to compare his words with the available facts. Such disclosure helps protect both the dispersed people of New Orleans and taxpayers.

Bexar County (Texas) Dems trying to register evacuees

Bexar County in Texas is the home to San Antonio which is home to Kelly AFB. From the website of that county's Democratic Party comes the following announcement which was valid from "Now - Oct. 11":

Help Register Katrina Victims at Kelly AFB
Building 171, Kelly FSB
San Antonio, TX
If you are a voter registrar or a volunteer who would like to help, please join us to help register the heavily Democratic victims of Hurricane Katrina now based at Kelly AFB. Please call the contact number below for information on times. Oct. 11 is the last day to register to vote for the Nov. 8 election, which includes the proposed amendment to the Texas Constitution, which would ban gay marriage.
Contact: Vivian

"FEMA Restricts Evacuee Data, Citing Privacy"

Are they doing it to abide by privacy laws, or... is there... a coverup?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is restricting the release of information on Hurricane Katrina evacuees, complicating efforts by families to find loved ones and by law enforcement officials searching for parolees and convicted sex offenders.
Citing privacy concerns, FEMA has rejected a request by Texas officials for access to its database of the more than 100,000 evacuees who have registered for state aid, according to the governor's office. FEMA has also declined requests from five states to cross-check a database of convicted sex offenders and parolees against a list of evacuees requesting federal assistance, law enforcement officials said...

"Scattered in a Storm's Wake and Caught in a Clash of Cultures"

The NYT reports on how evacuees fared in Oklahoma:

Tensions rose, and by the end of the month, the Louisianans, grateful though they were, could not wait to get out. And the local people, well-meaning and overwhelmed, were just as relieved to see them go.


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