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Rep. Gary Smith's father, uncle get $108 million FEMA contract

Rep. Gary Smith's family owns a motorcycle shop near New Orleans, and they've received a contract for 6,400 housing trailers. The three contracts were no-bid and they're worth $108 million. And, the shop didn't get the license required to sell new trailers until after the first contract had been inked:

...Smith's uncle, Glen Smith, said he was able to secure the contracts because he has worked with the federal government for nearly four decades during disasters, removing debris, dredging rivers and providing mobile housing following Hurricane Andrew in 1992.
...Recreational vehicle dealers in Louisiana are angry, saying they've been shut out of what they call a sweetheart deal. One is threatening to sue the motorcycle shop's owners for violating the dealer's franchise rights to sell RVs.
...Louisiana lawmakers, meeting in special session, are debating a bill that could require state officials to inform the state ethics board when they or their family members profit from federal disaster-related contracts. An alternative version would limit reporting to just officials and their spouses...

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