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New Democrat slogan includes f-word

AFP offers us "Vice President Cheney heckled on hurricane tour", informing us that the VP was talking to reporters in Gulfport, MS when a bystander came up and, in AFP's words, said:

"Go f---(expletive) yourself Mr. Cheney!"
"Go f---(expletive) yourself!"

My sources inform me that the "f---" above is indeed the word "fuck."
Needless to say, those at Daily "Screw 'em" Kos are ecstatic about this news:

Is this a sign? Are we starting to hear the people revolt? I am thinking about this spontaneous event and I'm thinking that this moment should be repeated many, many times!!! Shall we call this...
Oh, and here's The Vice President's email: vic...
This is it, guys!!! This is the rallying cry!!!
We are going to hear this on the news -- over and over again! It is a pivotal moment in this story!!!

Now, if only Howard Dean will adopt this as the new Democratic Party slogan we'll have Republican rule for the next century.
The Drossacks also provide this (unconfirmed) CNN transcript:

[Jack] Cafferty: "Didn't he say that to Patrick Leahy on the Senate floor?"
[Wolf] Blitzer: "Yes."
C: "So how could this have been the first time he heard it?"
B: "First time he heard it in this area."
C: "I'm sure it won't be the last."

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