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Hillary Clinton on the vast White House conspiracy to keep Dems out of LA

There she goes again with her conspiracies, but at least this time she's naming names:

SAN FRANCISCO - Senator Clinton told a largely friendly audience here Saturday night [1/28/06] that the slow pace of government-sponsored reconstruction following Hurricane Katrina was the result of a deliberate decision by the Bush administration and may have been motivated by a desire to discourage Democratic voters from returning to the devastated region.
"I think that basically we are now watching a deliberate policy of neglect take root," Mrs. Clinton said during an appearance at a fund-raiser for legal services charities. "It is deeply troubling for any American to believe that your government would abandon such a huge part of our country and such an important part of our history."
Mrs. Clinton said she suspected that the assignment of President Bush's top political adviser, Karl Rove, to oversee the relief effort indicated that political mischief was afoot. "Cynical minds might suggest that the destruction of the Democratic vote in Louisiana was a mixed blessing. If you rebuild New Orleans, all those Democrats might come home," she said during a 90-minute public interview conducted on an auditorium stage by a former television host, Jane Pauley.
A White House spokesman, Trent Duffy,rejected Mrs.Clinton's claims that the administration was intentionally foot-dragging on disaster recovery in the Gulf. "It's patently untrue and it's unfortunate she would suggest such a thing," he told The New York Sun yesterday...

She might indeed have a point, but it's obscured by her partisanship and the various other even further-left people who believe the same thing.

Hillary Clinton: Give Katrina aid to illegal aliens

It shouldn't come as a surprise the Hillary Clinton and other Senate Democrats want to give aid to illegal aliens who were affected by Katrina. And, they don't want to just give aid, they want the DHS to make clear that those people who shouldn't be here in the first place won't be deported.
But, wait, there's more. They also don't want those illegal aliens who were detained after they requested aid to be deported.
All of this will have the effect of making it easier for illegal aliens to take jobs from those American citizens who were affected by the hurricane.
Unfortunately, sometimes elected representatives are forced to make tough choices. And, we can see which side these Dems have come down on.
Spread the word far and wide: Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Maria Cantwell, Barack Obama, Russ Feingold, Daniel Akaka, Frank Lautenberg, Joe Lieberman, Carl Levin, John F. Kerry, Chris Dodd, Pat Leahy and Jon Corzine all support illegal aliens undercutting those Americans who were affected by the storm.
There's a write up here, and the letter from Hillary is here.

Hillary's Katrina Commission voted down on party lines

Hillary Clinton's version of a Katrina Commission was voted down yesterday along party lines:

Senator Clinton's bill would have created a blue-ribbon bipartisan panel modelled on the committee that probed the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on New York and Washington.
The former first lady said after the vote: "What happened today on the Senate floor is the same thing that happened four years ago when our nation was desperately searching for answers after 9/11.
"Urgent calls for an independent commission were repeatedly ignored, but the American people did not fall silent. They continued to demand action and eventually the administration relinquished its opposition to the 9/11 Commission," the New York Democrat said...

Hillary blasts Bush, raises cash

At a fundraiser on Sep 12, Hillary Clinton described the federal response to Katrina as "total breakdown in leadership" at the White House:

"How could we, as Americans, have let this happen?" she fumed to donors, in quotes picked up by the New York Post.
The top Democrat also cited Katrina to undermine Bush's image as a strong guardian of national security, saying the, "We've had four years to fix [our emergency response]" - a clear reference to the just-passed 9/11 anniversary.
The former first lady said that the Bush administration's failed Katrina response would leave a "deep and lasting scar that we have to look at honestly." wants a Katrina Commission

Received via email:

Will you sign our petition for an independent Katrina Commission?
Senators, including many moderate Republicans, are deciding whether to support a Katrina Commission modeled after the 9/11 Commission, this week. We need a really big number of people to sign the petition to show senators and representatives how much support there is for the Katrina Commission.
President Bush will address the nation about Hurricane Katrina on Thursday. We'll start delivering the petitions to Congress starting Friday morning so senators and representatives will hear what you think the very next day. The goal is to get 250,000 petition signers quickly.
Here's why we need a Katrina Commission:
* We need to learn from Hurricane Katrina. The scale of the disaster makes it urgent that we learn from mistakes. The government can't investigate itself. That means appointing an independent group of experts to sort through the data.
* We need to find the other Michael Browns. Yesterday, FEMA director Michael Brown resigned. Brown had no experience in emergency management-his last job was as the director of the International Arabian Horses Association. And there are many other political appointees like him who could get in the way during a future emergency.
* When President Bush investigates his own government, no one is held accountable. When Bush and his allies have led investigations in the past, they've been whitewashes. The WMD Commission, led by Republicans in the Senate, concluded that no one was really to blame for the falsified intelligence about WMDs in Iraq. And the White House was entirely opposed to the 9/11 Commission until victims' families made it a politically impossible position.
The 9/11 Commission is a good model for the Katrina Commission. It was independent, bipartisan and provided all Americans with an honest and frank assessment of what happened on September 11th-they even published the results as a book. Support for the Katrina Commission is growing. New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton introduced legislation last week that would establish the one.

"Dems Blast Bush Over Hurricane Response"


...Democrats, armed with talking points and in close consultation, went into full battle mode Wednesday on the Republican administration's handling of the crisis.
[Hillary] Clinton called for an independent commission to study the response and made the rounds of four network morning television shows on Wednesday.
Of Brown, director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Clinton told CBS: "I would never have appointed such a person. I would imagine, I don't think that anybody would. You would appoint somebody who has experience."
Congress' top two Democrats led the charge. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada pressed for a wide-ranging investigation that would explore questions such as "How much time did the president spend dealing with this emerging crisis while he was on vacation?"
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., renewed her call for Brown's dismissal and declared: "There were two disasters last week: first, the natural disaster, and second, the man-made disaster, the disaster made by mistakes made by FEMA."
She told reporters she had urged Bush in person at the White House on Tuesday to fire Brown.
"Why would I do that?" Pelosi quoted the president as saying...
... More than two-thirds of Republicans said Bush is doing a great or good job in responding to the hurricane and flooding, according to a CNN- USA Today-Gallup poll out Wednesday. About two-thirds of Democrats say he is doing a bad or terrible job...

"FEMA Head Bears the Brunt of Katrina Anger"


He's been called an idiot, an incompetent and worse. The vilification of federal disaster chief Michael Brown, emerging as chief scapegoat for whatever went wrong in the government's response to Hurricane Katrina, has ratcheted into the stratosphere. Democratic members of Congress are taking numbers to call for his head.
"I would never have appointed such a person," said New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.
"Let's bring in someone who is a professional," urged Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md.
A more visceral indictment came from closer to the calamity. Aaron Broussard, president of Jefferson Parish near New Orleans, said the bureaucracy "has murdered people in the greater New Orleans area."
... But the dim view of Brown's qualifications by senators seems to have emerged only in hindsight. Members of both parties seemed little troubled by his background at 2002 Senate hearings that led to his confirmation as deputy FEMA chief.
Indeed, Democratic Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut, who led those hearings, called Brown's long-ago stint as assistant city manager in Edmond, Okla., a "particularly useful experience" because he had responsibility for local emergency services...

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