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Honduras to help their citizens who've settled in the U.S.

The country of Honduras is going to open an office in New Orleans to disburse aid to their citizens who've been affected by the storm. That includes 80,000 people, who'll be getting $100,000 (total):

[Rene Becerra, the government's commissioner for immigration] said migrants from Honduras began immigrating en masse to New Orleans in the 1960s and that today about 150,000 call the city home _ representing an estimated 80 percent of its Central American population.

I think they mean of the whole region.

An estimated 600,000 Hondurans live in the United States, one third of whom do not have proper immigration documents, AP reported.

Reading between the lines, we're told that this is for their "nationals", i.e., citizens of Honduras. While some of those might be legal immigrants or legal visitors, many would be illegal aliens.

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