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Davis might subpoena WH, DHS, HHS, state documents

From this:

The Republican chairman of a House panel investigating the response to Hurricane Katrina threatened Wednesday to issue subpoenas for documents if the White House and other agencies don't provide them by Nov. 18.
Rep. Tom Davis of Virginia made the commitment after a Louisiana Democrat, Charlie Melancon, pointed out the panel still hadn't seen some documents it requested more than a month ago. The original request pertains to the White House, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Health and Human Services and the states of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi.
Davis said there had been a significant response from the White House, Alabama and Mississippi and that the Department of Homeland Security had assured him it would provide documents within a week.
...The committee made its initial request in late September and set a due date for Oct. 4. Some of those documents have been provided, including a few pertaining to budget issues and e-mails between former Federal Emergency Management Agency chief Michael Brown and Homeland Security headquarters.
However, Melancon said most of the key documents are missing _ including anything involving Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and correspondence between federal agencies. Louisiana has indicated it will provide documents but has requested an extension, Melancon's office said.

From a week ago: "House Panel complains administration dragging feet on document request".

House Panel complains administration dragging feet on document request

From Panel Still Waiting for Hurricane Katrina Papers:

The Republican who heads a Congressional panel investigating the federal government's response to Hurricane Katrina complained Wednesday that the Bush administration had failed to turn over documents the panel requested weeks ago.
The official, Representative Thomas M. Davis III of Virginia, chairman of the House Committee on Government Reform, also threatened to issue subpoenas to compel administration officials to release the documents if they did not comply with the committee's request.
"Our time is short for conducting our investigation," Mr. Davis said. "We are not going to be stonewalled here. I will continue to press the administration for full compliance with our requests as soon as possible."
The documents in question are e-mail and other correspondence between officials in the White House and other agencies during the response to the hurricane, as well as agency documents dealing with specific preparations for and responses to Hurricane Katrina. The panel requested the documents on Sept. 30.
A White House spokesman, Trent Duffy, took issue with the suggestion that the administration had been slow to respond to the committee's request. "It's a lot of information," Mr. Duffy said. "White House staff were instructed to collect information, and the White House counsel's office is working with Davis's committee to provide them with the appropriate information..."

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