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Houston mayor upset over FEMA Dec. 1 housing deadline

Houston mayor Bill White claims he was "blindsided" by FEMA's decision to (more or less) stop providing evacuees with free hotel rooms starting Dec. 1:

...White also objected to a mandate that refugees move into apartments with three-month leases, noting that few landlords offer such short leases, thereby sharply reducing the number of FEMA-qualified apartments.
"Why would FEMA restrict or eliminate the supply of apartments at the same time we are trying to move 19,000 people out of more costly hotels?" he said in a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.
The letter, dated Wednesday, demanded an immediate reply. The letter was also sent to David Paulison, acting director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and other top executives at the Homeland Security Department.
There was no immediate response Thursday from officials with FEMA and with the Homeland Security Department...

Why are New Orleans cop cars parked in Houston?

"A number" of New Orleans cop cars have been seen in Houston lately, "several" of them stored in Houston Police Department parking lots, the Chronicle reports.
Exactly how they got there remains shrouded in mystery as well as perhaps cowardice and corruption, although the last two can't be confirmed. HPD was told not to arrest the drivers.
Yes, but why are the cars there?

"That was the only mode of transportation," [Lt. Robert Manzo, an HPD spokesman] said. New Orleans police officials "are not interested in pursuing any charges against (the drivers.)"

I'm sure each of those police cars was loaded with refugees.
However, for the other side of the story, see "A Home for the Brave" about some NOPD cops who stayed behind.

Almost 150 Houston schoolbuses rescued victims

From this:

About 300 Houston Independent School District bus drivers and other employees spent Sunday on almost 150 district school buses rescuing hurricane victims from the waterlogged streets of New Orleans.
HISD buses also transported military troops from an airfield to duty within flooded areas...
...The vehicles headed for New Orleans in convoy Saturday night at the request of the Louisiana governor's office. District police and mechanics also participated.

(Via this)

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