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2008 Democratic convention in New Orleans?

From Some Democrats Touting New Orleans For 2008:

A Maryland congressman is urging his fellow Democrats to hold the party's 2008 presidential nominating convention in New Orleans as a signal of national support for the city after its devastating losses from Hurricane Katrina.
Representative Elijah Cummings made the suggestion after party officials announced that their 2008 convention will be held August 25th-28th. Cummings says declaring New Orleans as the host city for the party's national convention would demonstrate to its residents that the city ``has not been forgotten.''
It would be reminiscent of when Republicans held their 2004 party convention in New York City to show support for the area after the 2001 terrorist attacks killed more than 26-hundred people at the destroyed World Trade Center...

Howard Dean and other members of the Partei Apparat will make the decision early next year.

"March demands accountability of Gretna police action" (the bridge is back!)

Just when you'd forgotten all about the Gretna Crescent City Connection incident, it comes roaring back in this:

A March to Gretna in protest of the actions of the Gretna police in the aftermath of Katrina and in support of displaced African-Americans from New Orleans, who continue to be denied access to participation and opportunity in the reconstruction process is planned for Monday, November 7...
In the aftermath of Katrina, New Orleans authorities directed people to evacuate the city by crossing the Crescent City Connection Bridge which spans the Mississippi River linking New Orleans to the west bank city of Gretna. It's alleged that if you were black or in the company of blacks, armed Gretna police with guard dogs blocked you from evacuating New Orleans. Reportedly, under orders from Gretna Police Chief Arthur S. Lawson, the bridge was sealed off and evacuees denied safe passage when Gretna police officers fired shots in the direction of the crowds.
The March to Gretna, organized by the Hip Hop Caucus and UP (United Progressives) for Democracy, will commence with a rally at the New Orleans Convention Center. It is expected to attract Howard Dean, Chairman, Democratic National Committee; Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, and Congressman John Conyers...
...The Hip Hop Caucus is also calling for a federal investigation of the events by the Justice Department...

Who stands in solidarity with those mentioned above?

The MARCH TO GRETNA is endorsed by Black Leadership Forum, Center for Social Justice, Cities for Progress/Institute for Policy Studies, Clergy & Laity Concerned About Iraq, Code Pink,, Common Ground, Community Labor United, Ella Baker Center for Civil Rights, Global Crisis Coalition, Global Exchange, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Healthcare NOW!, Hip Hop Caucus, Independent Progressive Politics Network, League of Pissed Off Voters, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, National Coalition for Black Civic Participation, National Network for Immigrant & Refugee Rights, New Orleans Network, National Organization for Women, No Fear Coalition, People's Alliance for Community Empowerment, People's Hurricane Relief & Reconstruction Oversight Committee People's Institute for Survival & Beyond, Progressive Democrats of America, Project South, Rainbow PUSH Coalition, National Progressive Youth & Student Organization, Quality Education as a Human Right, Rebuild Green, Rebuilding Louisiana Coalition (NOLA), Rebuild Hope NOW, Saving Our Neighborhoods, Southwest Workers Union, TransAfrica Forum, United for Peace & Justice, United Houma Nation of Louisiana, Urban Heart, World Can't Wait.

Oh gawd.

GOP's Ken Mehlman defends outreach to blacks; Howard Dean baits

From this:

The national Republican Party chairman on Tuesday defended the GOP's outreach to black voters, days after his Democratic counterpart questioned how he could make such an appeal in view of the Bush administration's tepid response to Hurricane Katrina.
Ken Mehlman told the Waterbury chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People that the "party of Lincoln and the African-American people have an incredible history together."
He dismissed criticism from Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, who questioned how Mehlman could appear before the group after the administration's much-criticized response to the hurricane's devastation.
Hard hit were predominantly poor and black neighborhoods in New Orleans, and thousands of blacks were left stranded at the city's convention center and Superdome for days without basic necessities.
"I'm shocked that he would have the nerve to show his face in front of any African-American organization after the way they treated those people in New Orleans," Dean said Sunday during a Democratic rally and fund-raiser in New Haven...

Yes, we see how wonderous living under Democratic rule was for them.
Oddly enough, I don't see Mehlman having pointed that out. Of course, pointing something like that out is not the "compassionate conservative" way of doing things.

Howard Dean: Gulf Coast Needs Relief, Not A Right-Wing Agenda From Bush

Vermont's gift to the world presents this press release:

As the people of the Gulf Coast begin the long road to recovery after the worst natural disaster in American history, President Bush is choosing to use this tragedy to push his conservative political agenda on the region. At this pivotal moment in American history, the residents of the Gulf Coast need a President that will stand up for them and will stand up to his cronies and the right-wing ideologues in his own party.

Thence follows a series of complaints, some of them coming from left-wing ideologues in Howard Dean's own party: unions, the American Association for Affirmative Action, etc.
Of course, there's no chance in heck that Screamin' Howie will mention Bush's moves to allow illegal aliens to take reconstruction jobs. That would be "scapegoating immigrants".

Howard Dean: Katrina Deaths Bush's Fault

If Howard Dean didn't exist Karl Rove would need to invent him:

"The Bush administration just went back to turning [FEMA] into a dumping ground for people who evidently didn't have anything else to do," Dean told the Fox News Channel's Alan Colmes on Tuesday.
"And it's really too bad because now people have paid for that with their lives," he added...
[Colmes: but, Bush claimed responsibility]
"But there's a lot of people dead and there's a lot of people without their homes. Those people needed help on time. They didn't need help and somebody to take responsibility two weeks after the fact."

Martin Frost has warm words for Howard Dean

Losing Congressman Martin Frost (formerly D-TX) has a public "memo" to Rep. Rahm Emanuel, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Howard Dean entitled "Let's Get Ready to Run":

Why do I think big Democratic gains loom? The public is rapidly coming around to the view that Republicans lack the ability to handle the big issues facing our country. It's one thing to be right-wing ideologues, but it's quite another to not be able to put one foot in front of another...
[...privatize social security...]
And now, the administration has demonstrated significant incompetence in the handling of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It was slow off the mark and placed FEMA in the hands of political cronies rather than experienced veterans of disaster relief.
Now back to the strategy of the 2006 election...

Did Howard Dean lie about FEMA and the Convention Center?

Drudge played an excerpt from a Howard Dean appearance on Wolf Blitzer's show, during which Dean blamed FEMA for not knowing that the Convention Center was used as a shelter.
However, Drudge then played a tape of Ray Nagin in which he said that only the Superdome was being used as a shelter, and he had no plans to open other shelters. That interview was from August 28 and was done before 6pm on that date (because he mentioned the upcoming curfew), but the exact source is not yet known.

Howard Dean channels Al Sharpton

MIAMI -- Race was a factor in the death toll from Hurricane Katrina, Howard Dean told members of the National Baptist Convention of America on Wednesday at the group's annual meeting.
Dean, chairman of the Democratic party, made the comments to the Baptists' Political and Social Justice Commission. The Baptist Convention, with an estimated 3.5 million members, is one of the largest black religious groups in the country.
"We must ... come to terms with the ugly truth that skin color, age and economics played a deadly role in who survived and who did not," Dean said...

Just a few days ago, the Right Reverend Al Sharpton said: "I feel race was a factor".

"The Mayor Who Failed His City"

FPM has a link-rich rundown of the left's attempts to politicize the disaster:

IT'S OFFICIAL: THE AMERICAN LEFT NOW BELIEVES GEORGE W. BUSH IS GOD. Bellowing leftists such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cindy Sheehan have blamed Hurricane Katrina - something insurance companies classify as an act of God - on President Bush's "killing policies" (and, in RFK Jr.'s case, those of Mississippi's Republican governor, Haley Barbour). Former Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal also penned an article in The Guardian chalking up the flood to the Bush administration's having cut one item in the Army Corps of Engineers' annual budget. (Desperate to build a presidential legacy, even ex post facto, ex-President Bill Clinton has intimated his administration did more to keep New Orleans safe than Bush's.) Meanwhile, DNC Chair Howard Dean weighed in by demeaning Bush's trip to the disaster area, calling it "just another callous political move crafted by Karl Rove."

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