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Caption this Kathleen Blanco picture

Enter your best caption of this Reuters pic of the Louisiana governor below.

Calypso Louie Finally Explains Rita X!

Killer dolphins located in Lake Pontchartrain?

We're informed that Eight dolphins seen in Lake Pontchartrain.
Could these be the killer dolphins? Approach with extreme caution, as they may be loaded.

Looter Guy gets photoshopped

Remember "Looter Guy", the one carrying the basket of beer bottles? There's a gallery of photoshopped images here.


Nagin Defends Use of 'Phantom Police'

[UPDATE: Just to make this clear, what's quoted below is from a satirical article. However, the first link above is to a report about a real FBI investigation. That is not humor. This is explained in "NOPD phantom cops: real or fiction?"]
Shocking news, as New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin has provided a defense of the NOPD's alleged use of "phantom police": NOPD said it had 1600 or more officers, but it might have had in actual fact less than 1000.
From the interview here:

"Sure we overstated the number of officers on the force... We did this to deter crime... Just as George Washington lit fake campfires to lull the British troops before his surprise attack at Princeton, we in New Orleans have employed a similar strategy."

What about the money?

As for what happened to the funds that were supposed to have paid police salaries, Nagin asserted that they were used to hire consultants and purchase computer software needed to sustain New Orleans' "virtual police force."


More on the space rays that caused the hurricane

Apparently microwave signals from space satellites are being used to evaporate some of the water in New Orleans. Similar m-wave signals were used to direct the hurricane to that city and increase its magnitude. Details here.
Oops! I just realized that's just a "what-if-we-could-do-that" article. Whether the underlying science is possible remains to be seen.


"Bush Braces As Cindy Sheehan's Other Son Drowns In New Orleans"

Shocking news:

According to White House sources, President Bush is bracing for intensified criticism following Monday's report that the body of Tyler Sheehan, son of outspoken anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, was recovered from the receding floodwaters in New Orleans...
...a firestorm of controversy is expected to follow the death of the dynamic, well-liked young man, who was working on a levee-upkeep crew while completing the EMT-certification training he needed to become a firefighter...
Before Sheehan moved to New Orleans, he was a struggling coho-salmon fisherman in Oregon's Klamath Basin. However, when the Bush Administration relaxed federal protection of the endangered fish, Sheehan's catch became contaminated with mercury. He gave up fishing and moved to Oakland, CA, where he opened a free clinic, which lost its federal funding in 2002 for giving out oral contraceptives to poor women...
...According to sources, contaminated water laced with slicks of petroleum from a recently deregulated, poorly fortified refinery ignited, causing third-degree burns among the workers. Survivors recall seeing Tyler, badly injured and without the life jacket and medical kit denied him by recent budget cuts, digging survivors out of the wreckage...
..."Once we got clear of the break, we had no way of getting to high ground without our utility truck, which was requisitioned by the Defense Department last month for use in Iraq..."

Katrina coverage shocks Blair

No, Tony Blair wasn't referring to this site, but to the coverage offered by the BBC, describing it as "full of hatred of America". Sir Rupert Murdoch - revealing something that Blair had supposedly told him never to reveal to a mortal soul but which was probably just planted by the two of them working together instead of Blair issuing an official statement - said so in a conversation with Sir Bill Clinton (former US president) and Sir Howard Stringer (CEO, Sony Corporation). The venue was Sir Bill's Clinton Global Initiative, which is - according to sources - designed as a more compassionate version of the Bilderberg secret world government.

" Bush Flies into Rage with Staffers"

Apparently Bush was sleeping on Air Force One when some joker decided to play a practical joke, writing on Bush's forehead with an orange marker a "damage assessment". You can see the picture of this here:

In the picture, apparently one of the President's aides has used a neon orange highlighter pen to scribble a rescue/damage assessment upon his forehead. The terminology would indicate that Bush had been assessed on 09-12-05 by a K.R., who found that no one was home, and the structure was condemned.


Laissez les bons temps rouler avec Reine Blanco

There are pictures of Governor Kathleen Blanco in happier times here, including one with her as the Queen of the Festival.


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