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CSM pushing cheap illegal labor

Monica Campbell of the Christian Science Monitor offers "Post-Katrina easing of labor laws stirs debate". It's a standard article about said "debate", discussing the various bills available for immigration "reform":

At a time when Latino immigrants are expected to form a big part of the Gulf Coast reconstruction labor pool, the Department of Homeland Security has temporarily suspended sanctioning employers who hire workers unable to prove their citizenship, essentially allowing contractors to hire undocumented workers.

Isn't that a very bad thing? Shouldn't we encourage Americans - especially those affected by the storm - to do those jobs? Unfortunately, there isn't much in the article about that being a bad thing.

WSJ: "Undocumented" workers face struggle to take American jobs

Chad Terhune and Evan Perez offer Roundup of Immigrants in Shelter Reveals Rising Tensions about an alleged raid at a Red Cross shelter in Long Beach, MS:

Last Wednesday, police and the U.S. Marshals Service swept into a Red Cross shelter for hurricane refugees here. They blocked the parking lot and exits and demanded identification from about 60 people who looked Hispanic, including some pulled out of the shower and bathroom, according to witnesses. The shelter residents were told to leave within two days or else they would be deported.
...Harrison County Sheriff's Department Capt. Windy Swetman said no one at the shelter was threatened with deportation, adding that law-enforcement officials wanted to make sure everyone staying at the shelter had been displaced by the hurricane. "We were concerned with the growing numbers of the Hispanic population and whether or not we had displaced residents of southern Mississippi from the hurricane or workers brought in from other areas using the shelter as base camp," he said. Contractors, not relief groups, are responsible for providing housing to workers, he added.
...The roundup at the Red Cross center underscores deeper social and economic tensions that are surfacing as areas battered by Katrina and Rita struggle through what will be a frustratingly long recovery. Some communities will need to house thousands of displaced storm victims for months at least, further straining government agencies and relief groups. Meanwhile, undocumented workers are likely to be a major part of the massive cleanup and rebuilding, competing for jobs against some non-Hispanics thrown out of work by the hurricanes.
...In the aftermath of the hurricanes, residents and immigrants have received mixed messages on how welcome the immigrant labor force, which likely will form a major part of the reconstruction effort, will be. In early September, the Department of Homeland Security announced that it would temporarily relax its policies and not prosecute contractors who don't check the legal status of workers.
While not necessarily a suspension of immigration law, the department made the move "to make sure that people who are otherwise able to work, and now need employment, wouldn't be stopped from working," said Jamie Zuieback, a spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security. The measure expires in mid-October.
On Thursday, a day after the roundup, a senior federal marshal showed up at the Red Cross shelter in Long Beach, according to people who were there. "He told us that he had not given the officers permission to treat us that way," Mr. Rivera said, but he decided to leave anyway.

Hillary Clinton: Give Katrina aid to illegal aliens

It shouldn't come as a surprise the Hillary Clinton and other Senate Democrats want to give aid to illegal aliens who were affected by Katrina. And, they don't want to just give aid, they want the DHS to make clear that those people who shouldn't be here in the first place won't be deported.
But, wait, there's more. They also don't want those illegal aliens who were detained after they requested aid to be deported.
All of this will have the effect of making it easier for illegal aliens to take jobs from those American citizens who were affected by the hurricane.
Unfortunately, sometimes elected representatives are forced to make tough choices. And, we can see which side these Dems have come down on.
Spread the word far and wide: Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Maria Cantwell, Barack Obama, Russ Feingold, Daniel Akaka, Frank Lautenberg, Joe Lieberman, Carl Levin, John F. Kerry, Chris Dodd, Pat Leahy and Jon Corzine all support illegal aliens undercutting those Americans who were affected by the storm.
There's a write up here, and the letter from Hillary is here.

Lou Dobbs on illegal aliens taking rebuilding jobs

From his 9/27 show:

DOBBS: Tonight there is growing concern and criticism that the Bush administration has made it possible for tens of thousands of Gulf Coast reconstruction jobs that should be offered to residents who had to live through the disaster now looking to rebuild their lives, those jobs instead will be filled by illegal aliens. The fear is that New Orleans will turn into La Nueva Orleans, once proud city of working Americans, displaced now by cheap, illegal foreign labor.
Christine Romans reports.
CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Gregory Rodriguez says illegal aliens will do much of the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast.
GREGORY RODRIGUEZ, NEW AMERICA FOUNDATION: This is how the nation has always worked, which is the broader point. The broader point is, in large reconstruction projects, back-breaking labor is often and most often -- most often done by immigrants at low wages who are willing to do these jobs that the nation needs to be done.
ROMANS: His op-ed published in the "L.A. Times" calls it "Nueva Orleans." He says many of these illegal workers will stay and make New Orleans more like Los Angeles.
That the hurricane disasters are a boon for illegal labor is clear. In the wake of Katrina, Mexican President Vicente Fox was touting Mexican laborers, telling "The New York Times," "If there is anything Mexicans are good at, it is construction." And many say our federal government is making it possible to hire illegal aliens in the Gulf Coast en masse.
The Department of Homeland Security dropped paper work requirements to help American workers who have lost everything, but many say it's a free pass for contractors to hire illegal workers. The president also suspended a 74-year-old law requiring at least average wages for government contract work. Many fear wages for Gulf Coast workers will fall and illegal workers won't complain.
REP. STEVE KING (R), IOWA: American citizens and people who are here on green cards, legal -- legal residents of the United States, people that have lawful presence here and a right to work, that's the only people that should be working in the United States of America. That's the people that should be rebuilding the Gulf Coast.
ROMANS: Georgia Congressman Charlie Norwood says Hurricane Katrina should be forcing Americans to come together, not "...letting potential taxpayer-funded jobs for storm victims be looted by illegal immigrant labor cheered on by Mexican President Vicente Fox."
ROMANS: Many fear illegal laborers will send much of their earnings home to Mexico in remittances, taxpayer-funded rebuilding of the Gulf Coast, we should point out. And that will just continue a cycle of poverty and joblessness in the Gulf Coast among American citizens -- Lou.
DOBBS: This is remarkable that this continues, with our elected officials standing there doing absolutely nothing. We're watching the Bush administration make this possible.
It is, in effect, the looting of the treasury, the rolling back of worker protection in this country, and allowing Vicente Fox, who apparently is more adept than others in responding to disaster -- and those remittances already amounting to $21 billion a year, the number one source of income, above even their oil revenues in Mexico.
ROMANS: There's a lot more money to come if a lot of these citizens get jobs in the Gulf Coast.
DOBBS: And there is nothing funny about this. The fact is that many of the residents -- hundreds of thousands of residents in that area desperately needing jobs are going to be forced out because of the economics by illegal aliens.

Gregory Rodriguez supports illegal aliens rebuilding New Orleans

Gregory Rodriguez - a contributing editor to the Los Angeles Times - offers "La Nueva Orleans". He discusses how illegal aliens from Mexico will help rebuild New Orleans and then will settle there, displacing the original population of blacks and whites. Obviously, if we were talking about whites displacing blacks and Hispanics that would be considered racist, but - in the "liberal" worldview - it's not racist to encourage Hispanics to displace black and white Americans.
He covers the points previously discussed here in "Word is out, illegals coming for rebuilding jobs", "Give Illegal Aliens' Jobs to Unemployed Katrina Victims", and "Will illegal aliens take rebuilding jobs?"
Obviously, no American should support this, but clearly some people - including president Bush and Sen Harry Reid - do support it. Rather, we should do whatever is necessary to encourage and allow American workers to rebuild an American city. Unfortunately, some people are conflicted due to racial reasons or because they're corrupt.
He ends with this:
Last week, the White House said it will push its plan to allow illegal immigrants already in the U.S. to become legal guest workers. Good. Hurricane Katrina exposed the nation's black-white divide. Post-Katrina reconstruction will soon spotlight the hypocrisy of refusing to grant legal status to those who will rebuild the Gulf Coast and New Orleans.

Bishop: unlimited disaster aid to illegal aliens

From this:

Bishop Gerald Barnes, leader of the Diocese of San Bernardino, is urging federal legislators to extend disaster aid to illegal immigrants uprooted by Hurricane Katrina, and not to deport undocumented immigrants who fled the storm-ravaged Gulf Coast.

Sounds great! Oh, wait, I misread that. I thought he said the Catholic Church was going to completely pay for that aid and pay for all the impact that this policy would have, including inviting millions more illegal aliens to come her. My bad.
Meanwhile, back in American common sense land:

"If somebody is on a roof and the water is rising, we are morally obliged to rescue that person. We are not going to ask them for their green card," said [Mark Krikorian, with the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, D.C.], whose group backs tighter immigration laws. "When it comes to helping people resettle, to find new jobs, we are morally obliged not to give that kind of assistance to illegal aliens."

Perhaps the Bishop would like to encourage Vicente Fox to take care of his own citizens, rather than pawning his internal problems off on our country.

Word is out, illegals coming for rebuilding jobs

The usually not-so-bright Marcela Sanchez offers "Katrina's Aftermath Raises Immigration Issues":

Yet, Latino and immigrant advocacy groups say the word is out and immigrants are on the move. There is a lot of work to be had on the Gulf Coast. Spanish-language media and blogs report that U.S. cleaning companies are quickly hiring Latinos, no questions asked...
According to the Congressional Budget Office, Katrina wiped out more than 400,000 jobs. Jared Bernstein, a senior economist at EPI, calculated that the reconstruction price tag of $200 billion plus would create between 400,000 and 500,000 jobs.
Some may think that Katrina victims will fill the vacancies. But it may not be that simple. Immigrants, many of them illegal, are also likely to play a large role in the efforts to rebuild. These illegal workers, in turn, are likely to place extra burdens on state and local authorities and perhaps exacerbate poverty in this already depressed region.

More on Bush using Katrina to drive down wages

There's a timeline and a CNN transcript here dealing with Bush using Katrina to take the opportunity to drive down American wages.
See also this excerpt from 9/21's Lou Dobbs show.

"Work of Mexican marines may score political points"

Now, why would a foreign country send us help, and hope to score political points thereby? Oh yeah, the billions of dollars that Mexicans send home, making remittances the second-largest income source for Mexico right behind oil. What price is a few doctors and Marines when we're talking about potentially billions of dollars for the corrupt oligarchy of a third-world state.
Now, back to the feel good report.

Cleanup workers shanghai'ed?

From the AP's "Workers sent to Miss. complain about conditions":

Two Lawrence residents who responded to a flier looking for workers to help with Hurricane Katrina disaster relief say they feel scammed...
[promised 40 hr. weeks, etc.]
...they then were sent to work clearing debris at MGM Mirage's $800-million Beau Rivage casino. They say they were fed bologna sandwiches and Oreo cookies, told their work days would be up to 16 hours long and that they would be bused to a hotel two hours away where they could sleep for four hours before returning to work.
"I felt like we got scammed pretty good," Tucker said.
Tucker and Dalton wanted to leave but said they were told they could be shot by National Guardsmen enforcing martial law and that there was no transportation home...
..."We're certainly sorry that the people had a problem; we're certainly doing the best we can," said Teri Hill, a spokeswoman for BMS Catastrophe Inc., which is in charge of refurbishing the Beau Rivage. "It's a mess down there."
Mike Mansingh of One Source Staff and Labor, the Overland Park firm that recruited the workers, said work conditions were unexpectedly bad...
...The day after Dalton and Tucker arrived, Mansingh arranged for a school bus to carry them home. The two said they felt sorry for the workers they left behind - people they said were mostly poor, unemployed and often unable to speak English...

It sounds highly possible that the latter people could be illegal aliens.


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