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"Give Illegal Aliens' Jobs to Unemployed Katrina Victims"

Phyllis Schlafly:

Katrina has displaced hundreds of thousands of Americans who now need food, housing, and cash. Relief for those necessities will have to be temporary and it will be many months before they can return to New Orleans, if ever, so what they need most of all is jobs.
Our government should act immediately to put these displaced Americans in the jobs now held by illegal aliens. Some 10 million illegal aliens are now working in our country, so there is no excuse for not replacing a million of them with unemployed American citizens...

The problem is that, as illustrated in "Will illegal aliens take rebuilding jobs?", Bush is more interested in cheap labor than what's right for America.
There's also the issue that many refugees have been brought up in the Welfare State. It would have to go beyond just offering many of them jobs. Perhaps "leaders" like Jesse Jackson could encourage refugees to take low-wage jobs even if they think they're below them.

Will illegal aliens take rebuilding jobs?

President Bush has taken moves that might allow illegal aliens to take the rebuilding jobs that could go to American citizens.
First, Bush suspended the Davis-Bacon Act in the affected areas. That requires that contractors on federal projects pay the prevailing wage, which is currently around $9 an hour in the Gulf Coast region. (Note that - oddly enough - the suspension includes Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe counties in south Florida.)
And, from this, "U.S. officials have suspended for 45 days a requirement that employers check workers' identification." While many storm victims might have lost their ID, this will also allow illegal aliens to gain employment even more easily than they now can.
Sep. 9's "Bush Suspends Prevailing Wage Laws for Katrina Clean Up" has the details on who prompted the first:

Last week, Americans for Tax Reform, an organization founded by long-time Republican activists Grover Norquist, sent Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao a letter asking that she suspend the Davis-Bacon Act in order to free taxpayers from paying too much for the disaster clean up and management. Wednesday, Representatives Tom Feeney (R-Florida), Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) Marilyn Musgrave (R-Colorado), sent Bush a similar letter, stating that the Act drives costs up and "effectively discriminates against non-union contractors."


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