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A discussion of the IT snafus

From this:

...In other words, the names of close to 20,000 evacuees were entered into the system before anyone realized that none of the names could be searched by the public. Furthermore, bugs in the application meant that it took several days for the CAN data to be uploaded into the official International Committee for the Red Cross database, which could then be made available to the public.
Separate volunteer efforts sprung up like daisies to get the data online and available. "We created a quick-access database in SQL Server to serve as a temporary repository while the Feds finished CAN," Adams said. At least 20 different search sites appeared on the Web, prompting Yahoo! to build a tool to simultaneously search multiple databases. However, at press time, this search function still didn't work across all of them...
Problems tracking people persisted. Technology For All, a nonprofit organization that helps connect community centers to the Internet, said another problem was recording people who left the Astrodome. "When someone finds someone, they tend to run out the door without leaving a forwarding address, so there is no way of connecting with them," said William Reed, president and CEO of Technology For All...
"This disaster will force the Red Cross to come kicking and screaming into the 21st century," Raymond added...

Sites of interest

The Interdictor live coverage and pictures from DirectNIC
Camp Katrina from a National Guardsman
A doctor who says he helped out for both Katrina and Rita; no categories, so you'll need to search for posts about that.
Add similar sites in the comments.

Scientific American on possible flooding

They published at least two articles:
Drowning New Orleans from 10/01 (pay-only)
And, this from 10/04 (full text).

DU: Katrina Research Thread

I'd be ever so grateful if someone would go through "DUers Katrina Research Thread: Organized by categories" and see if they've got something that isn't posted at this site.
The links in "I'm looking for articles that warned the govt that the NO levees were weak" need to be incorporated here as well.

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