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John Edwards: WPA 2005

Failed former vice-presidential candidate and Wendy's customer John Edwards wants to bring back FDR's WPA, WRAL reports:

He said a Bush relief proposal would give victims money in bank accounts that most don't have.
"He's talking about putting this money into people's bank accounts," Edwards said. "Most of these people don't have bank accounts."

Well, let's get them some bank accounts then! Even illegal aliens can get bank accounts, why not Americans? Speaking of which:

Edwards said Bush also has suspended laws that require that the prevailing wage be paid on reconstruction projects.
"That's insane," he said. "What these people need is a decent wage. It's the reason so many of them are living in poverty to begin with."

Yes, Bush's move is somewhat insane. But, so is the Democratic support for allowing illegal alien labor to take jobs that could go to Katrina victims. Some reporter really should ask Edwards about that, but, of course, they won't.

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