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Kanye West unwelcomed by U. Florida College Republicans

From this:

Apparently, Kanye West's line "George Bush doesn't care about black people" didn't go over too well with the College Republicans at the University of Florida in Gainesville. During the rapper's recent tour stop at the O'Connell Center on campus, the coed GOP group came out in force - well, about 25-strong - to show their support for the president, reports The Gainesville Sun.
"We just wanted to come out here and make our presence known," said Matt Dean, 19, executive director for the organization. "You hear a lot of negative things in the press, negative things from Kanye, and we thought this would be an awesome opportunity to come out here, you know, to show that there's a lot of people out there who support the president and support what's going on in the country right now."
Members of the protest group waved signs and marched past the O'Connell center, with some even shouting, "Down with Kanye." Others decided to amuse themselves by spinning a prize wheel to win seats in the first few rows of the concert. They ended up winning the tickets.
"It's like knowing what to do with garbage," said University of Florida junior James Clinch, 22, as he tried to decide what to do with his pair of the tickets in the half-hour before the concert was set to start.

Kanye West tries to stay relevant, in game

Appearing on today's "Ellen [DeGeneres] Show", rap superstar Kanye West informed America:

"Back in the days when it was time to clean the kitchen I would try to sweep the dust under the kitchen sink instead of really taking care of it, and if you spilled something on that floor all that dust came right up in front of your face. That's basically what the flood did... They have been trying to sweep us (African-Americans) under the kitchen sink and it was so in people's faces and so on TV... that they couldn't even hide it any more... Down there, people are living below the poverty level to start off with, before this happened... A year ago I was on tour with USHER and we had a hurricane hit Florida and everybody was saying, 'If this hurricane went to Louisiana, if it went to Mississippi, they wouldn't be able to handle it.' (That was) a year ago - and there was nothing done about it."

While I'm not opposed to blaming Bush and/or the Bush Crime Family for lots of things, I believe that massive New Orleans poverty started well before even the Bush I presidency.
In related news, Drudge is offering the following preview:

The chart topping hip hop rapper star who used a network hurricane fundraiser to charge "George Bush doesn't care about black people" was loudly and lustily booed during last night's NFL kickoff show.
The appearance of Kanye West, who was beamed into the Boston stadium via remote from Los Angeles, received a strongly negative response from the crowd.
"The boos were thunderous and lasted for much of his number," reports the BOSTON GLOBE.

UPDATE: Usher responds:

"I wasn't mad at Kanye's statement - that's his opinion - but it's obviously not the opportunity or the time to poke fun or appoint blame... This is an opportunity where we all need to come together - musicians, actors, politicians - and help the (American) Gulf region... The music that we listen to every day... was founded in New Orleans... This city is basically gone, the history of it has gone."

"Bumblers, Not Bigots: The post-Katrina racism bunk"

Deroy Murdock has a long discussion of the race-baiting coming from "liberals", starting with Randall Robinson's infamous cannibalism post:

...Like New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin, Louisiana Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, and FEMA director Michael Brown, President Bush must explain why, for three to four days, no one could manage at least to air drop bottled water and granola bars on thousands of Katrina survivors who baked under temperatures exceeding 90 degrees at the Crescent City's Superdome, its convention center, and freeway overpasses in the central business district.
While he must answer for that and other badly dropped balls, Bush need not apologize for being fueled by bigotry during last week's "inadequate" federal response, as he described it.
This charge crumbles on first inspection.
George W. Bush is a politician with a very ambitious agenda. Does Randall Robinson really believe that Bush thinks it would be easier to persuade Congress to reform Social Security if he merely arranged to deny poor, beleaguered blacks food and water for over half a week?
Does Elijah Cummings truly believe that Bush thinks it would encourage the Senate to confirm his judicial appointees if he ordered FEMA to conduct slow-motion rescues of elderly black ladies from their attics?
Does Kanye West actually believe that Bush eagerly anticipated televised images of parched, screaming black babies as a public-diplomacy tool to boost European and Middle Eastern support for U.S. policy in Iraq and the Arab world?...

Robert Hilburn doesn't correct the "looting/finding" urban legend

Hilburn is the L.A. Times' pop music critic, and he discusses Kanye West's outburst in "The Show Didn't Benefit by Censors":

...NBC may have been nervous about West's comments, including the notion that America and its president are unresponsive to the needs of the poor. But you can be sure those remarks would have been cheered more than anything else in the program by the black parents and children still trapped in the New Orleans Convention Center and the Superdome if they had been able to hear them...
Because he is widely seen by critics and industry tastemakers as an influential spokesman for the American black experience, you could feel the strain of his attempt to fulfill that role - to step beyond the generic comments of other celebrities Friday to reflect on the horror being experienced by the flood victims...
[West:] "I hate the way they portray us in the media... If you see a black family, it says they're looting. See a white family, it says they're looking for food."
...[West] seemed to be talking extemporaneously, so he might have chosen his words differently if he'd had time to write them down.
But maybe not...

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