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PBP: "Start on Katrina relief by firing FEMA's Brown"

The Palm Beach Post joins in:

Before he began working for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Michael Brown spent a decade enforcing rules for the International Arabian Horse Association. And people wonder why FEMA did so poorly last year in Florida and last week on the Gulf Coast. Along with the rebuilding of that region must come the rebuilding of FEMA, and that must begin with the firing of Michael Brown.
How incompetent is Mr. Brown? Last Thursday, he said FEMA hadn't known that people were stranded at the New Orleans convention center, even though CNN had had the story on the air Wednesday. We know Mr. Bush doesn't read newspapers, but can't someone watch TV every now and then? This, though, is what happens when you put an unqualified political appointee into an important job and keep him there.
Mr. Brown got to FEMA not because he knew anything about disaster relief. He was a friend of Joe Allbaugh, who with Karl Rove and Karen Hughes formed the troika that ran President Bush's 2000 campaign...
... Florida's Hurricane Summer should have shown the White House that Mr. Brown is incompetent. FEMA paid victims who weren't victims and has stalled on payments to places where Frances and Jeanne really did strike. Supply drop-offs were scheduled, then canceled without notice. Reimbursement rules were confusing and remain so...

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