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Lefties demand Category 5 protection for New Orleans

Various left-wing groups are trying to get 300,000 emails demanding Category 5 protection and other goodies.
Take a deep breath and read the organizations involved:

All Congregations Together * Alliance for Affordable Energy * Atchafalaya Basinkeeper * Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program * Baton Rouge Audubon Society * Black Bear Conservation Committee * Citizens Against Widening the Industrial Canal * Coalition for Louisiana Progress * Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana * Gulf Restoration Network * Holy Cross Neighborhood Association * Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation * Louisiana Audubon Council * Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN) * Louisiana Wildlife Federation * Mississippi River Basin Alliance * Physicians for Social Responsibility-Louisiana * Pipeline Workers of America * Sierra Club, Delta Chapter * U.S. Public Interest Research Group, Gulf States Field Office

"Humid Beings" forum

There's a local forum here.


"Gulf Coast Reconstruction Watch"

That's the name of a left-wing website. It's from the Institute for Southern Studies, which is described as a spawn of the Institute for Policy Studies. Nevertheless, it might have some interesting information.

Halliburton Watch: "subcontractor hires illegal immigrants for Katrina work"

The apparently "liberal" site called Halliburton Watch reports on the incident here.
Previously: "More on the illegal aliens at Belle Chasse Naval Air Station".

"Katrina Cleanup Contracts Continue for KBR"

"Defense Industry Daily", as its name implies, is the eWeek of those dependent on dear old DoD. They have a press release on the Kellogg-Brown-Root contract under which one of their subcontractors allegedly hired illegal aliens here.

"Great American Nero"

From the left comes this site. Hey, cute domain name even if it might be infringing on a trademark. It's got a blog, a timeline, links to far-lefties like Hatrios, and a body count chart. Despite that, it gets even lower traffic than this site.

Sites of interest

The Interdictor live coverage and pictures from DirectNIC
Camp Katrina from a National Guardsman
A doctor who says he helped out for both Katrina and Rita; no categories, so you'll need to search for posts about that.
Add similar sites in the comments.

Another collection of links

There are some interesting ones here.


Long list of Superdome links

Massive list of Katrina links

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