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House Homeland Chair Blasts Katrina Coverage

I'm pretty sure he wasn't referring to this site:

Newly appointed House Homeland Security Committee chairman Peter King is blasting the media for slanting its coverage of the Hurricane Katrina disaster to turn public opinion against President Bush.
Asked why President Clinton wasn't blamed for natural disasters during the 1990s, King told WMET-Washington fill-in host Steve Malzberg: "The advantage the Clinton administration had was it didn't have so many TV reporters who were geared against the president that they would totally slant the news."

"Confused About Poll, ABC Skips How More Blame Locals Than Bush"

For the head-spinning numbers, links, analysis, and much more, go here.

Clinton took day longer to go to OKC than Bush to NO

"Clinton's Disaster Response Took Longer Than Bush's" informs us:

Critics say President Bush's personal response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster was too little, too late - with an Air Force One flyover the day after New Orleans' levees broke and a trip to Baton Rouge two days later.
President Clinton, other the other hand, got glowing reviews for responding to his administration's biggest disaster, the Oklahoma City bombing - even though he took a day longer to arrive on the scene than Bush did last week...

Clinton didn't go to OKC for four days.
Now, playing liberals' advocate here, it should be pointed out that Bush made landfall on the Friday after the storm. But, NewsMax is counting from when the levees broke. They, perhaps incorrectly, say that was a Tuesday. If they broke on Monday, then Clinton and Bush would be tied. Woo hoo!

...The double standard becomes even more obvious when reaction to Katrina is compared with what remains the worst law enforcement debacle in U.S. history - the Clinton administration's decision to rout the Branch Davidians from their encampment at Waco.
More children were killed in that April 19, 1993 assault than died in Oklahoma City. Yet the Clinton administration received little if any blame - and no one was forced to resign.
In fact, after then-Attorney General Janet Reno publicly accepted responsibility, she was hailed as a hero by sympathetic reporters, an irony that's likely not lost on Bush's allegedly "disgraced" ex-FEMA Director Michael Brown.

Ben Stein: the real story is the MSM going for the kill

He goes a little overboard in his praise of Our Leader, but he's absolutely correct in his assessment of our newly revived press corps:

...What is the real story of Katrina is (I suggest) not so much that nature wrought fury on land, water, people, property, and animals, not at all anything about racism, not much about federal government incompetence. The real story is that the mainstream media rioted.
They used the storm and its attendant sorrows to continue their endless attack on George W. Bush. Wildly inflated stories about the number of dead and missing, totally made up old wives' tales of racism, breathless accounts of Bush's neglect that are utterly devoid of truth and of historical context -- this is what the mainstream media gave us. The use of floating corpses, of horror stories of plagues, the sad faces of refugees, the long-faced phony accusations of intentional neglect and racism -- anything is grist for the media's endless attempts to undermine the electorate's choice last November. It is sad, but true that the media will use even the most heart breaking truths -- and then add total inventions -- to try to weaken and then evict from office a man who has done nothing wrong, but has instead turned himself inside out to help the real victims.
In the meantime, George Bush does not lash out, does not attack those who falsely accuse him of the most horrible acts and neglect. Instead, he doggedly goes on helping the least among us. I don't know how he does it, but we are very lucky he does...


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