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Broussard to Russert: don't dare fact-check my wild accusations!

Aaron Broussard is probably destined for bigger things, since he's apparently got that old Clintonesque touch. He appeared on Meet the Press earlier today and Tim Russert (VRWC #23) grilled him on his emotional appearance from three weeks back. As it turns out, a blogger had questions about his statements at that time, which MSNBC since verified: "Aaron Broussard's timeline was wrong".
The video is here, and a response from the right and from the left. USA Today downplays the appearance.
The full transcript is here, and this report says this:

Somebody should have told Broussard that his stock around the state and even in his own parish has made a nosedive since Hurricane Katrina and Meet The Press. To think that he would once again allow himself to be abused, make wild allegations, become emotional fodder, be the joke of the town is strong evidence that he is operating under extreme stress, lacks sleep, has terrible political advisors and needs a complete rehiring of his staff.

He claims that he misunderstood what his staff members told him, and he didn't feel like interrogating Rodrigue. Of course, he also gave a lot of fuel to those who wanted to immediately bash Bush when, in fact, the incident apparently occured the day of the hurricane and thus the feds had no responsibility for any rescue. But, what kind of "sick minds" and "black-hearted people" would dare fact-check his assertions?

"School-buses showdown: Mayor Nagin vs. Russert"

A partial transcript from Sunday's Meet the Press is here. Russert asks Nagin about his ventures into race-baiting and asks why the schoolbuses weren't used.

Aaron Broussard's WalMart story discredited

In a tearful appearance on Sunday's Meet the Press, the president of Jefferson Parish, Aaron Broussard, alleged:

Tim Russert prompts for a resignation

From Sunday's Meet the Press:

TIM RUSSERT: Mr. Secretary are you or anyone who reports to you contemplating resignation?
MICHAEL CHERTOFF: Tim, what we're contemplating now is the fact is that we're very, very much in the middle after crisis...
...TIM RUSSERT: Mr. Secretary, you say pre-staged, people were sent to the Convention Center- there was no water. No food, no beds, no authorities there. There was no planning.
MICHAEL CHERTOFF: My understanding is-- and again this is something that we're going to go back over after the fact is-- the plan that the New Orleans officials and the State Officials put together called for the Superdome to be the refuge of last resort...
...TIM RUSSERT: Mr. Secretary, there was no food or water at the Superdome, either...

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