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Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu running for New Orleans Mayor

From this:

Sources close to the Lieutenant Governor reveal to The Louisiana Weekly that Mitch Landrieu will run for Mayor of New Orleans in the April 22 primary.
With qualifying less than a month away, almost ever political observer views Landrieu as the immediate front runner, as problems continue to mount for incumbent Mayor Ray Nagin...
...On the statewide front, Louisiana voters will be forced to go to the polls three times this fall to elect both statewide officials and members of Congress. Initially, a special election for Secretary of State was set at the regular congressional date this November. The fall date for the open primary was originally scheduled for October, but in a recent ruling by federal Judge Frank Polozola, that date was ordered moved to November to put Louisiana's congressional elections on the same footing as closed primary races throughout the rest of the country.
Now, while Judge Polozola has authority to rule on federal elections, it is important to note that the state election date was put into state law by the legislature. So the first primary for the state special election will take place on September 30th, with a runoff, if needed, on November. 7th. The November date will also be the first primary for the congressional races, with any runoff taking place on December 9th. Confused? So is everyone else.
Sources tell The Weekly that an effort will be made in the coming legislative sessions to consolidate the September election date into the November date. This would save both money (some $2 million) and effort...

Mitch is the son of former NO mayor Moon and the brother of Sen. Mary.

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