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MoveOn: don't cut spending, raise taxes

What else did you expect them to say? Their latest missive is here. They've got a petition too!

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Here's the script of's latest ad:

Type with graphic treatment over black Fast pullout... reveals George Bush. Photo of 9-11 Commission Graphic: Failed to make us safe. September 14, 2005 Graphic over Bush's image. Graphic: Less safe today than four years ago. Graphic: Mis/Leader
"Four years after the frightening experience of September the 11th, Americans have every right to expect a more effective response in a time of emergency." Who said that? George Bush, after Hurricane Katrina. And 9-11 commissioners agree, "the government has failed" to make us safe. After all the promises, all the restructuring, all the money...We're no safer today than we were four years ago. We're not being led. We're being misled.

Surprisingly low-key...

Tag: wants a Katrina Commission

Received via email:

Will you sign our petition for an independent Katrina Commission?
Senators, including many moderate Republicans, are deciding whether to support a Katrina Commission modeled after the 9/11 Commission, this week. We need a really big number of people to sign the petition to show senators and representatives how much support there is for the Katrina Commission.
President Bush will address the nation about Hurricane Katrina on Thursday. We'll start delivering the petitions to Congress starting Friday morning so senators and representatives will hear what you think the very next day. The goal is to get 250,000 petition signers quickly.
Here's why we need a Katrina Commission:
* We need to learn from Hurricane Katrina. The scale of the disaster makes it urgent that we learn from mistakes. The government can't investigate itself. That means appointing an independent group of experts to sort through the data.
* We need to find the other Michael Browns. Yesterday, FEMA director Michael Brown resigned. Brown had no experience in emergency management-his last job was as the director of the International Arabian Horses Association. And there are many other political appointees like him who could get in the way during a future emergency.
* When President Bush investigates his own government, no one is held accountable. When Bush and his allies have led investigations in the past, they've been whitewashes. The WMD Commission, led by Republicans in the Senate, concluded that no one was really to blame for the falsified intelligence about WMDs in Iraq. And the White House was entirely opposed to the 9/11 Commission until victims' families made it a politically impossible position.
The 9/11 Commission is a good model for the Katrina Commission. It was independent, bipartisan and provided all Americans with an honest and frank assessment of what happened on September 11th-they even published the results as a book. Support for the Katrina Commission is growing. New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton introduced legislation last week that would establish the one. won't use refugees in anti-Roberts ad

Yesterday, a "staff member" told a USA Today reporter that that fine organization was going to use Katrina refugees in an ad opposing the John Roberts confirmation ("Group's TV ad uses storm's aftermath to target Roberts").
Now, the airbrushes have been broken out and history is being rewritten. From "Group says it won't use victim images in Roberts ads":

A liberal interest group Thursday denied it ever planned to use televised images of poverty-stricken evacuees from Hurricane Katrina as part of a provocative, last-minute effort to divert federal Judge John Roberts' path to confirmation as chief justice. Political Action's advocacy director Ben Brandzel had laid out plans for such an ad to USA TODAY on Wednesday. But Thursday, the group's executive director said "we regret any misunderstanding that may have arisen because of anything that our staff member might have told USA TODAY's reporter."
"We have no plans, and have never had plans, to produce such an ad," Eli Pariser added...

Previously: " to use refugees in White House protest"

Tag: to use refugees in White House protest

Received from MoveOn via email:

...Sign our petition demanding that the Bush administration stop blaming victims, including state and local officials, and focus on helping them.
We'll begin to deliver the earliest signatures to the White House tomorrow, Thursday, when a delegation of MoveOn members from New Orleans, who are now homeless and will come to Washington and join other MoveOn members outside the White House at a petition delivery and protest. The petition is one important way to demonstrate that the public wants more action to help hurricane victims and is getting angry about this blame-shifting game the Bush administration is playing.

UPDATE: Here's the MoveOn press release. Except for the bolding that I added, this is a verbatim copy. You will see why it's important to note that when you get to the end. And, yes, you are correct: they have absolutely no shame.

To: Assignment Desk, Daybook Editor
Contact: Trevor Fitzgibbon, Kawana Lloyd or Alex Howe, 202-822-5200, all for Moveon.Org Political Action
News Advisory:
-- Katrina Evacuees to Tell President Bush His Administration Let Them Down
-- Request Meeting with President to Demand Accountability
-- Why Was Federal Funding Cut For Levee Maintenance?
Hurricane Katrina evacuees flew into the nation's capital to tell President Bush to stop blaming local officials for his mistakes and acknowledge that budget cuts and indifference by his administration led to the disaster in New Orleans and along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
They intend to ask him why he diverted over 40 percent of federal funding between 2001-2005 away from New Orleans. Hundreds are expected to rally in front of the White House at 1 p.m. EDT on Thursday.
"The President of the United States and his appointees let us down," said Christine Mayfield, a New Orleans public school teacher and mother of three who was dislocated and now is staying in North Carolina.
The evacuees are also seeking a meeting with Rep. Henry Waxman, the ranking Democrat on the Government Oversight Committee.
According to Rep. Waxman, "the budget of the Corps of Engineers for construction projects in New Orleans district was cut by over 40 percent between 2001 and 2005, apparently to free up funds for the war in Iraq and homeland security projects. In 2004, for the first time in 37 years, the Corps halted all work on the New Orleans levee system."
New Orleans native Michelle Augillard, one of the evacuees, was working toward her Masters degree at the University of New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina hit. Now, she is staying with a friend in Houston, trying to pick up the pieces of her life, along with her family. Both Michelle and Christine will appear at the rally.
"It is inhumane to have treated citizens of the United States like we were treated," she said. "
Members of Political Action are scheduled to hand- deliver thousands of petition signatures to the White House after the rally. The petition says, "President Bush should stop blaming the victims of Hurricane Katrina and get to work helping them."
WHO: Katrina Evacuees and MoveOn members
WHAT: Protest outside the White House in support of Hurricane Victims
WHEN: Thursday, September 8th at 1 p.m.
WHERE: Pennsylvania Avenue NW. In front of the White House. (Metro: Red Line: Farragut North. Blue-Orange Line: Farragut West or McPherson Square)
EDITOR'S NOTE: Excellent Visuals -- Signs reading "Shame" and "Help Hurricane Victims"

All of those who are using (sponsored by MoveOn) should watch their backs, lest they become props in yet another stunt by the lunatic left.

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