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Downers decry Mardi Gras, boosting civic pride, tourism income

City officials announced last month that New Orleans would hold an abbreviated Mardi Gras celebration. Civic boosters say the festivities can help revitalize New Orleans' economy, lift morale and show the world that the city is on its way back.

That sounds reasonable, no? Especially considering that Mardi Gras reportedly generates $840 million a year for the city.
Needless to say, a small number of people can't see the benefits. As can be expected, the MSM gives them a voice:

Some storm refugees and black organizations say the party preparations are insensitive to the plight of so many displaced New Orleanians.
"I just think it sends the wrong message to have a celebration when people are not back in their houses," said Ernest Johnson, the Louisiana president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Wouldn't the celebration lead to income, jobs, increased tourist dollars, and other good things? Perhaps they need to look at the bigger picture.
Note that this AP report references the earlier "Nagin pleads with residents to return", which included the following from a former resident:

Why would he have Carnival? Carnival is mostly for the white folks.


A slush fund for the left?

CNS provides "Katrina Cash Could Create 'Slush Fund' For Left", but doesn't offer anything overly damning. It describes how the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, the National Urban League, and the Southern Christian Leadership Council have all established relief funds, and it suggests oversight of those.

Milwaukee NAACP offended by evacuee background checks

Two hundred evacuees were given cursory background checks before being allowed into a shelter in Milwaukee. The local NAACP complained.

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