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Calypso Louie condemns Bush, Congress; Najee Ali has suggestion

According to Renee Lee in the Houston Chronicle's 'Demand our place at the table':

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan on Sunday called upon the black community to unite and take care of their own who have been forgotten or ignored by government officials in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
During a town hall meeting at the Power Center in Houston, Farrakhan and a delegation of black leaders listened to the stories of Katrina survivors and vowed to help...
More than 700 people attended the event, including evacuees who arrived on buses from the Astrodome. Several evacuees stepped to the microphone to tell their stories. Some shouted in anger over how they were neglected by authorities as they tried to escape to safety. Others cried as they described their fear and frustration, having lost everything...
...Farrakhan described the response by federal, state and local officials as "a severe crime," and implored survivors not to consider taking their lives in a "senseless suicide..."
...Farrakhan said he was inspired by their stories. He said he and the Millions More Movement - a group of black leaders organizing the 10th anniversary of the Million Man March - would do everything in its power "to ease the suffering of our brothers and sisters."
"FEMA is too white to represent us and so is the Red Cross, so we're going to demand our place at the table," he said.

Oddly enough, Lee doesn't discuss Calypso Louie's (perhaps even) more inflammatory remark:

"I say to the President of the United States and to the members of Congress, you cannot destroy the cities and towns of other people in the Nations and not expect the laws of justice to return to you what you give. Jesus said, 'as a man seweth, the same shall he also reap.'"

In related news, Los Angeles' own Najee Ali has promulgated the following:

Minister Farrakhan, in the spirit of brotherly love I am humbly suggesting that you consider postponing your current plans to hold a Millions More Movement March in Washington D.C. next month. Hurricane Katrina is the greatest natural disaster in U.S history. The majority of Americans who are affected by this crisis are black...
Minister Farrakhan, why not ask all those who have intentions of traveling to Washington D.C for your march travel to Louisiana instead, and have a Millions More Movement to help with recovery, repair, and lifesaving, efforts associated with Hurricane Katrina?
If your goal of having a million people flock to D.C. next month was reached, each participant would probably spend at least $500 dollars on travel, hotels, food and ground transportation. That is approximately at least half a billion dollars. The reality of the situation is that the majority of black people's money would go to white-owned companies...
...I hope that you will realize that we need to all be in Louisiana Oct 16th helping to save lives, and not in D.C. for speeches.

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